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  1. M

    Blue Flame CPS

    Hi Guys My 1st ever post so please take it easy on me. Does anyone have any experience around Blue Flame and there CPS? They seem to be the cheapest at the moment and as I'm new to the game and it will be the 1st time ill be going through the CPS process any advice would be great. Cheers Andy
  2. S

    Sole trader CPS?

    Im a sole trader and work for a few different firms all year, i always get family and friends asking me to do private work for them but as im not with a scheme i cant issue a certificate. Can i join a scheme without creating a business And just stay a sole trade? just want to complete a few DB...
  3. R

    Joining a cps without 2391

    Morning lads I may be mad but I am thinking of starting on my own. Since completing my apprenticeship I have been working mainly on industrial machinery. I have been involved with design through to commissioning stage of installs. Fault finding and plc work are two of my favourite things. My...
  4. Dan

    ELECSA Certification Scheme ELECSA Certification Scheme Discussion, Advice, Tips, Criticism - From and by Electricians in the UK

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Discussion, Advice, Tips, Criticism - From and by Electricians in the UK This area of the forum isn't for flaming. Or moaning because they've increased their price on you. But for constructive criticism. If they increased their price, what is it that you get less of...
  5. Dan

    BECSA Competent Person Scheme (CPS) BESCA Competent Person Scheme Discussion, Advice, Tips, Criticism - From and by Electricians in the UK

    BESCA Competent Person Scheme Discussion, Advice, Tips, Criticism - From and by Electricians in the UK This area of the forum isn't for flaming. Or moaning because they've increased their price on you. But for constructive criticism. If they increased their price, what is it that you get less...
  6. Dan

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB Certification Scheme Discussion, Advice, Tips, Criticism - From and by Electricians in the UK

    JIB Certification Scheme Discussion, Advice, Tips, Criticism - From and by Electricians in the UK This area of the forum isn't for flaming. Or moaning because they've increased their price on you. But for constructive criticism. If they increased their price, what is it that you get less of as...
  7. M

    Certification software

    Looking for some Certification software to use on mobile/tablet anybody recommend a good one,ease of use a must. trying to make life easier!!
  8. D

    Minimum electrical certification

    Hi Guys. Was curious to know what the minimum certification required to legally work domestically? And if there are any fast track courses? Thanks
  9. A

    Garage Conversion Certification Advice

    Good afternoon, I am a time served domestic electrician but have been factory based for the last 8 years meaning my SJIB card has lapsed. I am currently converting an internal garage at my house and am doing the electrical work myself. I am installing 2 new sockets on an existing circuit and...
  10. H

    Domestic Minor Works Certification

    Good evening, A burning question has arisen in my mind regarding minor works certificates. This is, if you do some work for a customer which involves say adding some additional lights to an existing lighting circuit, as well as an outdoor light spurred and fused off of a ring main. Would you...
  11. l4urence

    Domestic Part F - PEATA certification?

    All I've been getting emails recently from Home - PEATA - Professional Extraction Airflow Testers Alliance - https://www.peata.org.uk Anyone needed to provide flow rate certificates for a bathroom extractor? This is new to me and I assume others here are getting these emails too - thoughts?
  12. Michael J

    Third Party Certification in Wales???

    I have just gone through Part P (Wales) and if I'm reading it properly you can only issue EICR as a Third Party. Anybody else come across this?
  13. C

    Gas Engineer and competent electric cooker installer

    I'm a gas engineer working for a well known retailer. Spend all day Installing cooking/laundry. Electrical training is pretty poor on their part. Here to educate myself in best practice/regs. Pretty sure much of what they ask us to do electrics wise is beyond our competency.
  14. Gakure

    Competent person scheme

    Hi all, I recently read a discussion in a different forum which was done about 2009 regarding the big 3 CPS I.e Nic, Napit and stroma. Some were been praised to high heaven, while others were shredded to pieces to burning hell. *I am wondering how and where this bodies are rated now after 10yrs...
  15. Grangewood

    Scottish Certification

    Afternoon all .. My Son has just bought a property in Scotland... it needs a new Consumer Unit and minor work .. I know there is No Part P as such but He’s been told I can’t certify my work up there due to not being part of the Scottish approved Contractors scheme .. is this correct, do I need...
  16. einstein

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Certification

    salutations, wondering whats the difference between using the NICEIC app vs NICEIC online through a browser? Kind Regards e
  17. S

    Test & inspection with certification

    I'm looking to getting into the test and inspection route. And certification I currently have 18th edition I did city & guilds level 2 / 3 I am a ecs card holder and have completed a pat testing course. What course's qualifications do I need to achieve this Thanks in advance Stuart
  18. M

    Domestic House rewire and compliance certification question

    hi, asking as a customer not a tradesman Having had a rewire and had some issues with the electrician , namely his working standards and the fact the job took twice as long as estimated. I paid a third up front before work started, he then coerced a not agreed upon second payment out of me a...
  19. F


    Hi, when you guys do your EIC certs for a multi board installation do you complete one Particulars of install at origin and one schedule of items inspected for the whole install and do multiple schedule of test results for each board or do a complete a full 6 page cert for each sub board off the...
  20. B

    Domestic Part-P non-notifiable work testing and certification

    There are lots of discussions on forums about what is and isn’t Part P notifiable work. Everything I have done on the past or would want to do in future is non-notifiable, especially now that outdoor wiring is now non-notifiable if it doesn’t involve creating a new circuit. However, the...
  21. A

    What certification do I need?

    Hi folks, this will probably be obvious to most folks on here but I'm new to this. A friend is putting together a quote to rewire my house. He is a qualified and very experienced electrician working for a big local firm but this will be a private job. He's not joined one of the schemes like...
  22. D

    Max Zs on certification

    Please can people clarify what value they insert in the Max Zs field on certification. I've always input 100%. Currently in disagreement with another person as they are specifying 80%. Done my 2391 in 2008 and I was taught and told it's always 100% and it's down to the QS to interpret the...
  23. M

    Electricity Meter Certification

    Hi, First time poster, not sure if this post is in the correct section? I am trying to sort out a meter for a friend who has an equestrian business. He has an old three phase supply but no three phase equipment. EON are metering an average of 80kwh per day which I am disputing. The meter is...
  24. D

    Certification of a sub board

    Hi all sorry if this has already been covered but new to here. I've just fitted a sub board in an office block to feed a shower bkock. But unsure which cert to issue. Its an additional circuit of the main board
  25. J

    Electrical installation certification software, which is best??

    Hi, trying to move our family run electrical contractors company into the 21st century and do our test certs using lap tops or i pads to have all the information stored electonically and produce more professonal test certs to give to our customers. We employ 5 electricians and do a fair bit of...
  26. simpson93

    Lutron certification. How and where

    Good evening all, Due to an increaseing demand from my clients for modifications and repairs on Lutron systems I’m keen to broaden my Knowledge on these systems. And so I’m looking for advise on where to find the right course’s to Become Lutron certified etc.
  27. J

    How to do it properly? Certification

    Hi all, long time reader first time posting. Hope you can help, I am level 3 and 2391-52 qualified having been in the game for 10 years I’m looking to do private work, but want to do it legally I already have public liability insurance, but the main question is do I have to join an association...
  28. P

    Test equipment certification.

    This is a question I have to admit I don't know the answer to, hard to believe I know! What is the period after which test equipment needs re- calibrating? As far as I know it is yearly, but I could be wrong. I ask because the dno I worked for had an engineer who built a test rig. The idea was...
  29. JK-Electrical

    Toughen up on 'incompetent' electricians, say MPs

    Toughen up on electricians, say MPs - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-26453688
  30. TonyJohnson

    Which Certification software for domestic reports?

    Looking to go away from duplicate pads to computer certs. Mostly domestic jobs but perhaps software that does calcs too. Which are available and the most popular.. Thanks T.
  31. PiesRus

    Inspection,Testing and Certification

    Is there anyone out there who wants to buy a 2391-10 that I got in 1998? (equivalent to the new 2391-52)
  32. J

    Self certification of a new circuit

    Hi all . Can I have some clarification please as seems a bit of a grey area when asking fellow sparks. I'm an apprentice served sparks with cg part 1.2. C course . 2391. P.a.t. Etc . Working in the nhs for over 30yrs on industrial and domestic residences. I've been asked by a family member...
  33. M

    Certification advice?

    Basically a property has two electrical supplies. (It used to be two flats, now one property). Client wants to keep both consumer units, with one as a sub main off the other. There is not a whole amount on the top floor board as the kitchen etc is downstairs. So a 40/50A submain will be more...
  34. A

    New Consumer unit without any certification

    Hi All, I am looking to sell my late fathers house and a bit concerned by the lack of certificates for recent (ish) electrical work. A new consumer unit was installed about 3-5 years ago and there is no paperwork with it. I suspect that the work wasn't registered anywhere, so i reckon not done...
  35. Frimley111R

    Certification bodies - bit of help please

    Following on from another thread on here, can you please help me with a fundamental issue regarding certification bodies. Bear in mind we are new to this sector but not new businesses. There are two owners of the business and neither are electricians (I’m one). Electricians are contracted to do...
  36. Frimley111R

    Which certification body?

    Westarted an electrical contracting company and the end of 2017 our test of the business. It went well and we used 2 electricians who are NAPIT approved. Now this year we are going for company certification via NAPIT, potentially, but this means that everyone who works for us as a contractor...
  37. D

    Competent Persons Scheme

    I'm doing some research into the current processes involved in the Competent Persons Scheme and building regulations in general. I wondered if anyone on here had any significant issues or areas of improvement that they wanted to highlight to hopefully be changed in the future. This could range...
  38. D

    On a quest to become competent!!!

    Hello people! Just a quick intro then I can go back to watching from the sidelines. I'm 34 and decided to retrain after a 2 year illness and I'm just coming to the end of my 2365 level 2. Really enjoying it and I've set myself a 5 year goal. That goal being AM2. I know I can do it quicker but...
  39. S

    competent person course..

    im looking to do a competent person course but i cant find right one here in london..any one do that or know any centre who can i attend and start course..
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