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  1. DT1991

    Site cabin

    Does a site cabin for admin and canteen facilities fall under a construction site for BS7671 The cabin is designed to be onsite for a year.
  2. N

    Log Cabin Electrics

    Hi, after some advise. I have had a log cabin installed at the end of my garden and I wish to run power to it, at this moment in time I am not in a position to work out cable lengths and voltage drop more about regulations. So my intention is as follows. I have a currently un-used 32 amp...
  3. peeko

    Portable cabin wiring

    Does anybody know if there's a minimum csa for final circuits in a portakabin type unit? They're static, used as a site office & canteen - I've got something in my head about 2.5mm2 tri-rated but not got my books with me, am I getting confused with trailers? These have been done in 1.5 & 2.5 t&e.
  4. tigerpaul

    Site cabin EICR

    Hi folks, We have a site welfare cabin that needs an EICR. The cabin is powered by an onboard generator, which is connected to an earth electrode. What is lowest acceptable resistance we are looking for when conducting an earth electrode test. Thanks for any advice you can give, I have gone...
  5. G

    Burried SWA for a log cabin

    Hi all, Hope someone can give me clarity around the need to bury an SWA cable please. I've been asked to install an 4mm SWA from the main DB to a "to be built log cabin" at the end of the garden about 50m away, it will need to run along a fence for most the route (or underground). I called...
  6. R

    supply cable sizing

    Hi ,I have a wood cabin outside 70mtrs from house incoming supply, I was thinking of using a 35mm 2core pvc/swa, as I think a TT system would be appropriate for the cabin, owing to the distance away from house load would be allowing for diversity would be 51amps, seems a lot but it will be a...
  7. gazdkw82

    Log cabin socket design installation

    Iv got a little install of 2 IP rated sockets to go on an exterior wall of a log cabin. The customer doesn't want to see any cables or containment as you look at the sockets. We've agreed to run black PVC conduit on the rear of the cabin (which is going to have shrubs growing up it) and then...
  8. V

    Advice needed on wiring for a log cabin

    Hi guys, Me and my partner have recently decided to build a log cabin at the back of her mum's house. The electrician that the company's working with, is planning on using a 316 swa as the main power cable, but I have concerns as the cabin will be used as a permanent dwelling for a while and...
  9. R

    Outdoor Cabin Feed Help

    Hi We are having a new log cabin installed at my work place and after some advice. Will be getting electrician to come and quote etc but would like to know what it entails first if possible. Currently we have one cabin (with lights, sockets, heater) this is fed via a 2 way garage DB - 40A, 63A...
  10. J

    Jaguar XK in cabin electrical whining noise

    Hi all I hear a whining noise in cabin, AC off, audio off It is relatively low volume and the noise pitch follows exactly the motor revs Seems like an induced noise... Any idea what to look for ? Thanks
  11. L

    Supply to log cabin and earthing arragments

    Hi all, I’m new to this forum so please bare with me. I was after some advice if possible, I’m going to be taking a supply to a log cabin in a customers garden and wiring the log cabin itself. The cabin is pretty much a small bungalow with shower,cooker,hob,ring,water heater,lights and an...
  12. J

    Domestic Wiring to Cabin from House?

    Morning All, Wondered if anybody could give me some advice. We've recently moved into a new property and are having a cabin built at the end of the garden which is about 6 meters away from the house. I am looking to get some power in there for a light, 400W heater, and also run a water pump...
  13. A

    Cabin temporary supplies

    Hi,just looking for some clarity on feed to 4 site cabins situated 170 metres from main builders supply (single phase). Looking to work out diversity for cabins with 240v plug on outside but not seeing what to class them as- 'stationary equipment'? Tried getting size of cable needed but making...
  14. S

    Running 2 Metal Containers with a generator

    I have been asked of my club to wire up 2 cabins with power so they can have lights on during the dark mornings. There is 3 metal cabins in total one with a generator in it, one which is the main office and one for meetings. The 2 cabins that want power both have a C.u in them. So if i wire in a...
  15. J

    New supply to outbuilding

    Been asked to quote for a mates mum for a job after my holiday! and my niceic assessment (29th!!) Basically she is getting one of them large wooden cabins at end of her garden and she wants a quote for the electrics to be installed.. In the house she currently has a 5way 3871 straight board...
  16. R

    Is an RCD needed?

    I am running a new circuit from the cu in house (which is on RCD and is TNCS) out to a log cabin. the new circuit will supply another cu, which will go on to supply a lighting circuit. radial circuit and a hot tub supply. I am going to install a rod for the cabin cu. I am not putting anything...
  17. P

    Supply to log cabin by generator

    Hi just looking for advice, just been asked if i can wire generator to log cabin.The set up is going to be the only power, there is no other power source to the cabin there will be 3 double sockets and 2 lights they will just start generator up when they need power i have never done one of these...
  18. A

    Socket Zs High

    I have a supply in a log cabin, in the cabin is 6 double sockets and a couple of lights. Cables are in PVC conduit and are 2.5mm singles sockets and 1.5mm lights. Sockets L-L = 0.15 ohms N-N = 0.15 ohms E-E = 0.18 ohms L1 with E2 & L2 with E1 = 0.07 ohms L to E = >1000+ MG Ohms N to E =...
  19. ebow72

    Log Cabin Installations

    Evening Guys, I have look for a similar thread on here and can't really find one that matches, so here we go again... I have been asked to 'wire up' some log cabins that are for multipurpose. For instance, 'Garden Study', 'Ice Cream Booth' and a 'Holiday Home'... The main of them are about...
  20. M

    Do I extend the PME outside to a Log Cabin style building??

    Please forgive me in asking this same question which normally results in an I friend of mine needs to have a supply installed (a lighting circuit, a heater circuit and a socket circuit) in a SWISS style log cabin located about 2 metres away from their main home which has a...
  21. A

    Installation for a HOT TUB?????

    So I've taken the plunge and ordered a hot tub to be delivered on the first of july. Right so I'm just designing the installation. The tub will be located in my garden in a cabin that im currently building. The tub is rated at 9kw, but I also want to power a pair of sockets and small...
  22. Short Circuit

    Supply for building site cabins - a few questions!

    Hi Guys I have been asked to quote for putting in a supply to a pair of steel site cabins on a construction site. At the minute there is no electrical supply to the site but there is a proposed position between the two cabins where the supply will be (there is a surface mounted meter box on...
  23. T

    Help, multiple circuits external supply 7 core SWA

    Hi guys, wonder if you could help, I have been asked to supply power and lighting to a cabin/summerhouse 35 metres from house C.U. Customer has already installed 7 core 2.5mm SWA underground (he says he "acquired it" from a friend at YEDL) All calculations are fine for a load max of 2Kw (volt...
  24. A

    Granny Annex / Log Cabin Job. Help?

    Hi All Only just signed up so go easy on me, ill introduce myself in the newbies sections soon. I have finished my 3 year at college (C+G's 2330) late may and a family member has asked me to run power to a granny annex/log cabin thats situated about 90 ft down the end of their garden for his...
  25. J

    New Installation

    hello all, can someone please advice me the best way of filling out EIC form when doing sub-main supplies. I doing a log cabin installation and i have made the cabin a tt due to the supply being 30 meters away and being TN-CS. The bit I'm not sure on is where, if at all, do i put the earth...
  26. a12jpm

    Testing Modular cabins on site.

    A customer has asked me to test some site cabins for him. Basically as far as I can tell it's pretty much the same as domestic stuff just a good bit smaller. Does anyone have any experience testing cabins and any pointers I should be watching out for. I also have a price figure in mind per...
  27. L


    We are suppling an outside portacabin with a steel wired armoured 3 core cable live neutral earth from a TN-S system. Does the portocabin reguire an earth electrode and does the origin of the supply have to have an rcd/rcbo fitted with a rcd and also fitted on the consumer unit inside the...
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