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  1. Andy78

    Cables to TV on chimney breast

    I'm rewiring my house at the minute and am faced with a situation I've never had to solve before. I want to run buried containment round my chimney breast to carry cables that aren't power to a wall mounted TV via a hairy plate. I'm thinking 2 HDMI and 1 cat6 cable so am thinking 2 x 25mm...
  2. Spike1947

    Cable run for Fixing a double socket on Chimney Breast

    Hi Would this be allowed : Fitting a double socket to a chimney breast , chased a horizontal run across the chimney breast then to the first corner then along horizontal to about 500mm to meet up with a double socket feed that comes down to a double socket and then it follows that run down into...
  3. littlespark

    Using chimney as cable route?

    I'm going to look at a job on Monday and I'm not sure if there's any regulations that I need to think about. The job is to install a wall mounted TV on a chimney breast, with the sky box and bluray player installed in the fireplace. Now obviously the fire isn't in use, and the homeowners are...
  4. H

    Running wiring into chimney breast

    Hi all, Figured the DIY area was best for this. I completed my electrical qualifications last year but as I've found a new job I like while doing them I've not gone professional so have little real world experience. Bought our first house at the beginning of the year and quickly found out the...
  5. S

    Chimney breast temperature.

    I'm trying to find out the likely maximum tempertaure that will occur on a chimney breast so I can work out what type and size of cable to use for a socket, and whether I need to move some existing cables. The chimney is granite with a clay liner and will be serving a multi-fuel stove with a...
  6. J

    Run aerial cables down chimney?

    Not strictly electrical I realise but you guys have lots of experience so thought you might have knowledge of chimneys? The chimney is Victorian and from looking at the chimney breasts to stack it is straight. Long story but I need to get 4 tv aerial cables from loft down (or from basement up)...
  7. R

    Cable Routing help required.

    Hi all. This is my first post for advice, so please take it easy on me. I am a recently qualified electrician on a completely new career change and have soon realised that qualifications mean nothing at all compared to the experience that no doubt you guys have built up over the years. I am...
  8. N

    Domestic socket getting warm due to a wood stove

    Hi all, I've recently had a wood burner installed in my lounge. The stove flue goes up through a liner installed inside the original masonry chimney. I've noticed, if the stove is burnt for several hours, the chimney breast warms up a bit. In the bedroom above the lounge there is a double...
  9. Y

    sockets on a chimney

    Hi guys, my daughter has just bought an old terraced house and she has started to redecorate but before doing so she whants a few more sockets. An electrician is going to do the work because it will probably need a complete rewire from what I have found so far. Some of the socket locations would...
  10. S

    Socket in chimney for fireplace?

    Thinking if i can break into the ring then ill do that, but if i cant, then will add a spur. With it being inside the chimney breast and will be hidden, is clipped direct OK? Would the cable be subjected to excessive heat? Also is it notifiable? Fire place is in a dining room. Thanks
  11. S

    Can a socket go on the front of a chimney breast over a gas fire?

    Hello folks, I've another question (sorry, feel a right useless twonk asking questions, but I did do a search before asking and the topic I found related to sockets on the side of a chimney). Can I put electrical sockets over a gas fireplace (the fire is in use on occasion), around 1200mm or so...
  12. S

    Sockets on a chimney breast!

    Hi folks been to a customer today (pensioner) she had some work done by the council sparks, they did a partial rewire of her house & told her that sockets aren't permitted on the chimney breast & removed them, she would like them put back on the chimney breast. I could understand it if it was...
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