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  1. I

    Fitting an outside socket for a hot tub. Notifiable?

    Hi all, I have a job booked to fit outside socket which will be used to power portable hot tub. The socket will be waterproof fed from existing circuit via fused spur which I also going to fit. RCD protected at the fuse board (hot tub has got its own RCD device rated at 10mA) The question I...
  2. H

    Is it notifiable????????

    Old house, very old occupant occupant, confined to one room on ground floor but visiting carers also use kitchen. Called out to repeatedly blown fuse. 2 re-wirable fuse-boards. Circuit with troublesome fuse still wired in VIR with insulation turning to dust. Other socket circuits in PVC. This...
  3. C

    notifiable works in domestic

    I mainly do commercial work but would like to check on what is notifiable 1) DB change domestic 2) Alterations domestic bathroom 3) new circuit 4) are alternations to an existing circuit in a domestic notifiable?
  4. P

    Part P notifiable question

    Hello. When I had my Consumer Unit replaced, one circuit was found to only serve a blanked off socket, possibly for use by a stair lift that was never installed. The electrician connected it to a 16A MCB and marked it on the EIC as unknown. I now need a socket about 2m away from the CU. If I...
  5. Thomas Connolly

    That old Chestnut. Notifiable Work...

    Greetings, I just need some advice on whether or not my work is notifiable as I'm sure it isn't, but a visit from the building inspector says it is....... I know it's sometimes a grey area but I can't see it needing to be certifiable. Details, Tiny Porch, 2.5mx3m with an entrance to the...
  6. jaydub

    Deciding if something is notifiable...

    Just installed a new 2-way RCD incomer board in a garage / car port. It is fed from a 'commercial' car workshop unit, but it's unclear as to whether the garage is domestic or commercial, i think really it would be tied in with the guys house but because it's supplied from the commercial unit...
  7. drzsta

    RCD needed With minor works?

    Hi, Just a few questions as I rarely do any domestic work. I'll be changing a few single sockets to doubles and also adding a few extras on the existing ring. Currently has no RCD protection and common sense suggest that because I'll be adding sockets I should add RCD protection? Downlights...
  8. A

    Thinking of starting up

    Hi, I'm currently working as a domestic self employed sparks mate however the work is few and far between at the minute. I have 2365 level 3 and around five years experience. I was thinking of starting up on my own just doing minor works and nothing notifiable to fill the time when I'm not...
  9. N

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Certification without registering with NIC, ELECSA etc

    Hi guys, I'm a little confused as to how to go about providing certification for domestic. I always though you HAD to be registered with one of these 3rd party bodies like the NIC. But i've recently learned that you don't neccessarily have to be? Is that really true? Question 1: So if I...
  10. S

    Which cert

    Spur to outdoor socket..I know it's notifiable but do I issue minor works .or full e.i.c.....I'm think minor w orks ??????
  11. L

    Asbestos removal

    Hi Guys, Has anyone ever witnessed asbestos removal from a textured (artex) ceiling. Currently installing extract fans in social housing where the ceilings are known to have asbestos present in the artex (Chrysotile). An asbestos removal crew come and scrape the ceilings where we...
  12. G

    Which certificate for domestic fire alarm

    Hi all, I have been asked to issue a certificate for 2 smoke alarms and a heat alarm that are connected via wireless bases (brk 700 series) which have already been installed by the client. I have never done this before but need to do so for building control as doors have been removed, hence...
  13. J

    Diy wiring extension

    Hi all, just wanted some building control part p advice if anyone can help please? Basically we're having a kitchen and bedroom built on the back of the house. The building plans have come back with conditional approval, and one of the conditions is an acceptable part p electrical installation...
  14. O

    This area seems grey, can you are can't you? Part P.

    Hi guys, its seems everyone has differing opinions on this, including myself. From my research it seems pretty obvious that you can only carry out electrical work on somebodys house if you are part of a part p electrical scheme. From reading the forums and speaking to local electricians it...
  15. S

    Notifiable Or Not?

    Brief description of prospective work: Domestic garage, replacing 2 x GLS bulb lights, each with their own separate switch, with one fluorescent light with two-way switching. Complications: One of the existing switches is a 2-gang, and the 2nd switch bizarrely is part of two-way switching of...
  16. M

    Full Certificate and Minor Works Certificates

    Hi All, Not posted on here for a few years! I have a question that i hope someone can clarify. I need help understanding the differences between a full cert and a minor, correct me if im wrong a minor is for jobs that are non notifiable and full for special locations and notifiable works...
  17. D

    Domestic Outdoors sockets notifiable or not

    With so many part p pdf files out there in getting a bit lost Also I think the person I was talking to about this might of found a loop hole Basically he tapped in to the house ring to put on a outdoor RCD socket I'm reading in electrician guide to building regs book 2012 Suggests any...
  18. M

    Domestic Minor work certs

    Alright guys im starting my own work. what work comes in under minor work certs? does any work in a bathroom / kitchen have to be notified to building control or can some jobs be minor work certs
  19. C

    comercial premises can i work

    Hi somebody has asked me to do a job in a commercial premises. Can I legally do so without part p competent persons registration. Based on my quals . 2356 level 2+3. Test insp. Wiring regs. Thanks
  20. happyhippydad

    Is this work notifiable?

    Morning.... I usually have a very clear idea over what is notifiable and what is not, but I'm not sure with this one! If a consumer unit is fed from the main consumer unit, is the change of just the 2nd CU notifiable? I realise the 'new' part P states 'change of consumer unit' as notifiable...
  21. J

    Domestic Notifiable works.

    I am building a small timber frame extension for a client and am planning to wire it myself , I have a part P domestic installers qualification with the 17th C&G. I want to check whether this is notifiable work. As the plan is to extend the existing ring final circuit and lighting circuit only...
  22. robd

    Notifiable work (or not!)

    Evening all, just a quick one....had our NIC visit yesterday and was informed that kitchens and gardens no longer come under notifiable work for location alone, am sure most of you do already know this but it was news to me. Checked back over the year and we didn't notify anything unnecessarily...
  23. P

    Domestic Underfloor heating in a conservatory

    Had my assessment today and when looking through some certificates got asked why I had done a EIC for a spur for underfloor heating off a ring main which was connected to the heating system when I could have just done a minor works, I said to him I thought underfloor heating was notifiable which...
  24. 0

    Outdoor socket notifiable

    Sorry to go over old ground but just need clarification. I have extended the ring main in a kitchen and customer now wants an outdoor socket. Is this now notifiable? I believe not as ammended rules state notifiable for new DB, new circuit, work in special location? Thanks.
  25. P

    Repair to Ceiling pull cord fitting and replacement switch cable

    Got called to do a job today for a Landlord friend of mine to replace a Light pull cord fitting in "a room containing a bath or shower" Look like someone has been hanging from the fitting and even had to replace the switch cable!! Just checking this is still a repair and replacement and...
  26. N

    Domestic Shower supply

    Hi everyone need a bit of guidance, I have a shower to wire in an upstairs flat. It is an old fuse wire dist board therefore I am installing a shower consumer unit. The run of cable is only approx 4 metres as dist board is just on other side of bathroom wall. On the consumer unit I am going to...
  27. N6rul


    Hi guys, just wanted to know if working in a commercial warehouse, when undertaking electrical work of any sort is it notifiable??? Ive been told its not. Just wanted confirmation. I need this job to show NICEIC as one of my assessments. Please advice. Thanks.
  28. L

    DIYer query re whether a couple of kitchen/bathroom jobs are notifiable

    Hi, I'm not an electrician but I have a (hopefully) quick query whether a couple of small kitchen/bathroom jobs are notifiable? 1) There's currently a built-in and wired-in fridge and freezer in the kitchen. If the wires for the built-in units are converted into normal plug sockets for new...
  29. J

    Joining a scheme

    Hi, for the 11 years now that I have been employed as an electrician I've always worked on the cards for a company. However I would like to be able to work on domestic installations In my spare time. Does this mean I have to join a scheme like N.I.C.E.I.C etc. If so what are the requirements...
  30. J

    Private Jobs

    Hi all, I've been lurking a while and enjoyed reading all your posts. I've been in the trade since 1994, did a full apprenticeship, Nvq3, 2391, 17th edition, and have always worked for companies, never self employed. Been with the same company for over 10yrs now, which specialise in pretty much...
  31. D

    3 phase motor

    Can someone help me with this? I almost exclusively deal in domestic work, but I've been asked - by a mate - to install a car lift in his garage. It's a three phase, 400v 6.4amp motor which outputs 2.2kW. I'm running from the Distribution board in swa to the control switch. My question is...
  32. M

    minor works test cert or not?

    hi i was at a property and had to change the leg of the ring between two points in the kitchen due to high resistance. i also changed the socket i know this would be maintainence but i always issue a minor works cert anyway to show that it complies. would this be a minor works cert or an...
  33. P


    Hi Guys,just had a phone call from a mate wants his shower changed,like for like 9.5Kw for 9.5Kw Is it notifiable? could it be done on a minor works cert? cheers for any replys
  34. M

    Notifiable work advice

    I am just starting to do electrical work after doing home learning course about a year ago. I have my EAL domestic installers LVL 2, 17th edition regs 2382 and Fundamentals of testing and inspection 2392. I have been doing a few small none notifiable jobs through rated people but find it very...
  35. S

    Cooker switch replacement

    I just had someone ask me to replace a cooker switch, like for like - thats not Part P is it? Has someone got a list of whats Part P and not?
  36. T

    daft question - undercupboard lighting in kitchen

    Hi all, sorry to ask a daft question, but I'm still pretty new to all this and want to get it right! Client wants some undercupboard lighting in the kitchen, but doesn't want me taking off tiles, drilling holes, or taking up floorboards above kitchen to access lighting it'll be...
  37. A

    outside light installation & armoured

    HI was wandering what cert you would issue for installing outside lights. Power is already in place. any may want to add some swa to it to extend? cheers
  38. ebow72

    Non Notifiable Work?

    I am about to place new socket's in a kitchen. I have to move them about six inches up to accommodate her new (to be fitted) kitchen.I am not adding anymore sockets, just moving the existing one's. So my question is a 2 part job. 1st - Is this still classed as non notifiable work under Part P...
  39. G

    Domestic doing my own work

    hi, i am looking to get extension on my house, and wondering what to do about elec works. i am an electrician and the work only involves another light and extra 2 sockets in extension. only asking does anyone ask for a certificate etc once work done? not had any building work done to own house...
  40. ebow72

    Odd Jobbing

    First off all, If this is in the wrong section, many apologies. I am just after a bit of clarification really, if possible please. I have just finished my Level 2 C&G 2330, with 1 term left to do plus all the exams (2391, AM2 and Part P) and whatever else will help. Anyway, I have been...
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