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Hi all. New member looking for some advice.

I would like to add some lighting to my garden shed, possibly one or two LED batten type fixtures.
I currently have three garden wall lights, running from the kitchen circuit. Is it possible to just re-route one of these lights via some plastic conduit to an LED light in the shed? It’s approximately 20ft away from the current wall light (which will then be removed).
From reading Part P, it seems this isn’t notifiable. Unless I’m missing something


Probably not, but others on this forum will know a lot more about the Part P rules than I do.

But thinking about this electrically, are you planning on having the garden shed on with the outdoor lights, i.e. all switched as one lot?

Is the current supply RCD protected?

Is if off the kitchen lighting circuit, or is it from a 13A plug or similar?

If you are planning on using it as some sort of work shop you might want to think about any risks from the lights going out for any reason - there you would be best looking at the LED batons that also have built-in battery backup, but that needs a permanent live for charging as well as the switched live for on/off.

Also go for at least two lights. Better to have multiple sources so you have less shadows, etc.
Thanks for the reply.

RCD protected at the consumer unit, yes.

The three garden lights are all controlled individually via a 3-gang switch inside the kitchen. Wired into the main lighting circuit.

Long term I would like a dedicated circuit put in so I can have sockets etc. but the cost of burying an armoured cable is prohibitive at the minute. This will be a quick fix to allow me to work in there.

Is there a limit to how much wattage I could draw? I.e. would two 40W LED battens be fine? It’s an 8’x10’ shed so one per side should give me enough light.


If your house is mostly on LED or other low-power lights then probably no major limit.

Typically a light circuit is on a 6A breaker = 1380W

But most lights have significant in-rush so normally you would limit it to somewhere around 1/5 of that if simultaneously switched (say around 280W, e.g. showroom or open plan office) to avoid spurious trips due to the switch-on surge, or maybe around a half or a bit above in total if mostly they are switched in blocks of 50-100W (say around 700W total, typical of a home).

Paignton pete

Addition to an existing circuit not in a special location. No notification.
if it’s a new circuit or it’s in or passes through a special location then yes notification.

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