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Hello all, first post by a new member so apologies for any posting faux pas in advance. (Hopefully this is the correct place to ask this rather long question)
I’m in the process of re fitting my kitchen and was planning on making a couple of minor changes to the wiring installation. All of the fixed appliances in old kitchen were plugged into 13amp sockets mounted under sink, installed before I bought the house, I understand this is technically allowed but I’ve never liked it so Im planning on adding some dp 20 amp switches above worktop level feeding sockets mounted behind appliances. my oven is on its own dedicated 32amp circuit with 6mm twin and earth that has obviously had a cooker control unit replaced with a 13amp 2 gang socket, (also mounted under sink) my new oven will have a 13amp plugtop but I would like to reconstitute the cooker control unit above worktop as a means to isolate oven if needed (I know a 45 amp cooker control unit is not necessary for a cooker plugged into 13amp socket but I’d like the flexibility if I want to upgrade to an oven with a higher draw in the future) anyway, its an old house and walls are all over the place so I’ll be batten and boarding, so any new runs will be affixed to wall behind battens within safe zones. My question/ issue is that doing research on most recent regs it seems to read that any cable not buried deeper than 50mm in a wall or partition need rcd protection? Not a problem with sockets as they are, but cooker circuit is not protected? Do I need to get an rcd fitted(obviously by a pro) or is there another option? I want to do everything by the book and totally respect the advantages of having a pro do all of this work but I’m working to a tinnie tiny budget and have enough experience to do all the work to a high standard myself, although I’m obviously not a qualified electrician or I wouldn’t be asking what is probably a straight forward question ‍♂. Thanks in advance for any advice offered and any points that my post may bring to mind. Cheers


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you need to look at reg.no.522.6.101 or thereabouts regardign cables < 50mm in walls. there are alternatives to RCD, but a RCD/RCBO is an easier option.

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