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Hi guys

I'm a recently qualified C&G Level 2. I have my 18th edition on the way in the next few weeks.

I have a CCNSG AND IPAF 3a/b card, happy to drive anything on the ticket.

I don't have a full collection of my own tools yet, but I've got the basics and I'm buying more all the time as a priority and I'm respectful of others equipment, but I always like having my own so I can crack on so depending on the work we end up doing I'll be buying what's needed very quickly.

Who I am

I'm Tom, 32, been working in temporary structures for around 5 years and I've done some facilities maintenance for a few years. Great at problem solving and I've been part of a lot of unique projects. I'm level headed, I've not had any problems getting along with people and all my previous employers have had a good relationship with me. In previous capacities I've developed in to a crew chief and been responsible for teams, training and coordinating the work of upwards of 30 people on a single site. Not that the number is critical, but it was evidence of the trust my employer placed in me due to my consistency, reliability and place within the team.

I'm happy with heights having worked at height for a period of time and own my own positioning harness, lanyards, scaff hooks and tails.

Im transitioning over to buildings and structures and I've done a few commercial bits such as Xmas grottos for wiring, some emergency lighting and so on, never had any problems but now I've got my level 2, I am looking to work full time and finish my level 3, NVQ, AM2, gold card, etc and make a career of it.

I've also put some time in flipping commercial and domestic properties a few years back when I was in New Zealand (working on earthquake damaged properties) but I'm home now permanently and long term want to buy a house here near my family.

What I'm looking for

I'm looking for ideally a full time job working for an experienced electrician or team that would be happy for me to work with them while I gain experience. I'm happy to commute to the surrounding area and I currently live in South Manchester. If the fit is right and it ends up long term, I'd gladly move closer to make commuting easy as it'd be great to end up working with a team long term. I'd love to get my NVQ ticked off so if there was a variety in the work that could help me achieve that, that would be great for me. I haven't coasted through any exams, the lowest grade I got was 96%. I am interested in the work and have really enjoyed the work I've done so far.

I'd be happy as a mate maturing in to an improver depending on how you feel I fit in to the team, but a perfect fit for me would be someone who is happy to lend me their experience and I'll give them a good, consistent worker who is easy to ask things of and always striving to do quality work. The sparks I've done a bit for in the past have been happy with my work but it's been a while so I can see about references but some may be easier to get than others.

I have experience driving LWB vans, client facing roles and I'm a good communicator.

I have a full, clean UK driving license and a clear DBS check I can provide you with. I'm also a qualified first aider with a lot of experience in that, just renewed as well so that'll be valid for another 2 years.

Any questions, feedback or further detail, feel free to ask here or in a DM.


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