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  1. J

    max demand for flats

    Just double checking calcs if anyone bored! So for a block of 3 flats with no gas services- all flats same. +communal stairs over 2 floors (LED light few small panel heaters) Flat: Kitchen Ring (32a) (32) Ring (32a) (12.8) Oven (20a) (13) Hob (32a) (16.6) Immersion (16a) (16) Lights1 (6a)...
  2. M


    Morning all, Matthew here Have my pre AM2 this week and then the real deal starts Monday! So I signed up to look at any previous posts about the AM2 ( Pobably a few on here id imagine)
  3. R

    Should it not be PA Testing?

    I've noticed that it's called PAT Testing everywhere but surely it should be called PA Testing otherwise its Portable Appliance Testing Testing!!!!!:dunce2:
  4. VoltzElectrical

    New Job

    Well I've been in public lighting for 3 years now and it's hardly believable where time has gone! Anyway, I applied for, and got a new job with the general side of things and it seems they want me on the inspection and testing section. Gonna be heads down into GN3 methinks! Voltz.
  5. Charlie_


    Large commercial office Installation circa 1996. Asked to price up some work further to a PI being carried out. I called in yesterday for a quick chat. The EICR has multiple C1, 2 and 3 recorded but still satisfactory overall. They have a 9.8 @ 240 (9.0 @ 230) shower in a ladies toilet wired...
  6. R

    Unhappy customers

    How many people have installed a new board for someone and the customer doesnt like it because of the tripping when they start using dodgy old portable drills mowers and when lamps blow etc.
  7. S

    Worcester boiler and Drayton LPIII programmer.

    How you doing guys, Been asked to connect up a Worcester Greenstar 37CDi boiler and a Drayton LPIII time switch (there is NO thermostat wanted). Hands up, I've not done a boilers so needing some advice. I was was thinking along the lines of; 1) Spur supplying boiler with 3 Amp fuse. 2) Spur...
  8. J

    Cartridge for mcb/rcd

    Hi, mrs cleaning cooker and pulled knob off to clean underneath, this fell apart and when I tried to put it back together it tripped the electrics, the fuse is an old cartridge style, just wondering if I can replace this for a mcb/rcd? It has 2 slats that run horizontal rather then vertical...
  9. M

    Off grid mobile home

    My cousin is a farmer and is sorting out his stockman with a mobile home which is off grid. For the moment a tractor powering a genny is topping up a battery array which is powering the home through a sunny boy inverter. I was asked to do a really minor job for him, just moving a socket, but I...
  10. C

    Training Organisation Warnings or Recommendations?

    Hi I am looking for a training organisation for the 2394/2395 qualifications. I am based near Croydon. Does anybody have any warnings about dodgy trainers - or equally recomendations for good ones? I know there is a "BTC" near here - but has anybody ahd any experience of them? Thanks in advance...
  11. K

    South London equipment sale final prices

    Not able to post any of these so prices based on collection. Kewtech ACC50MTL (R2 Wander lead) £30 Kewtech pat testing adapter £10 Bosch DMF 10 Zoom £20 Sparky FK652 wall chaser 2100w 110v £100 Fluke 1652b £200 fluke t5-600 £45 9 step fibreglass ladder £30 3 step fibre glass ladder...
  12. B

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Green niceic forms

    Does anyone have a link to where I can download the green NICEICforms? It's the EICR forms I'm after Thanks in advance
  13. S

    EICR Coding

    I need a hand to confirm what coding goes with what please on this house I have been asked to inspect a house by an agent and this is the situation: TN-S Earthing (0.4 ohms) No CPC in lighting circuit with Class 1 fittings No Bonding to Gas or Water No Sleaving on any CPCs All CPCs twisted...
  14. D

    3 Common terminals within a Fan Isolator switch

    Hi Guys I wonder if you can advise on a fan isolator I am installing.... On the reverse of the fan isolator I have the following markings: Top L1 (common) L2 N (common) Bottom L1 L2 (common) N Originallly I was going to...
  15. Doomed

    EICR Codes

    Your input please, normally I just make a list of faults and a bright young office thing types up the report and allocates the codes (I think i'm deemed too old and the bright young thing has a degree and the latest version of the test and inspect and a winning way with people and a higher...
  16. J

    Domestic Pyro - testing for lack of 'continuity'

    (hi - new here, not a sparky but looking to pay for a test involving Pyro) Been in an LA flat in London for some time, never had problems with electrics - all pyro (flat built c.1970). LA recently sent 'inspectors' into the building to do a Periodic Test etc., to see if full/partial rewire...
  17. C

    Level 3 Testing. Is this right?

    Hello I have my 302 Practical exam (testing) on Wednesday. I just wanted to know if I am right in what I'm doing. 1. First you would do the Testing of the Protective conductors. Using the R2 method (Long Lead) 2. Then you would do the R1+R2 Tests of all your circuits. Connecting Live and Earth...
  18. D

    Pyronix deltabell plus

    Hi I have a paragon plus control panel and am replacing my exisiting broken bell box with a pyronix deltabell plus and need some help with wiring. I have instructions for new box but connections in old box are different. My current connections are as follows:- blue=strobe -ve white=strobe +ve...
  19. T

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC email on publicity campaign

    Just got this email today: http://enews.niceic.com/rp//333/process.clsp?EmailId=112579&Token=28699C6255E955A1BF8A27E74199C0853 Now is the concern here safety, or just marketing?
  20. C

    Without Part P Scheme?

    I have seen people on this forum say thay are not with a scheme and still carry out domestic work. Now as I am new to this I was under the impression that you had to be with one of the bodys to carry out domestic work? So I have a couple of questions, 1. Do you need to be with one of the...
  21. S

    Commercial 350 KVA HV Transformer? 3 phase calculation confusion

    I need to buy a 3 phase HV transformer for an apartment block 1382 Amps is the total predicted single phase load after diversity. 1 Phase KW 1382 Amps 230 Volts ( I/V) 317.86 KW KW 1 Phase KW to KVA 317.86 KW 0.9 Power factor ( KW x P.F. = KVA) 353 KVA KVA Single Phase to 3...
  22. F

    minor works

    Doing a job moving a light and adding one to a kitchen , its not rcd protected , is it ok just to mention that on the minor works cert or do I have to provide rcd protection?:confused:
  23. I

    minor works certificate

    hi im tryin to get me self ready for my assesment with the nic on the green minor works cery where there is a box it says rcd BSEN my rcd is a 4293 im not sure wot type it is tho i think its a type B is this right thnks
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