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ABB (Fimer) Inverter adjustment instructions.

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Hi guys, I am new to the forum so be nice!

I have this ABB (now Fimer)PVS-100TL 100kW inverter which cut off if there is too much solar incidence. I am sure there is no fault other than threshold setting on control board. Please help me find these instructions or a service manual. I'd rather adjust myself than going through maze of support bureaucracy which do not help most of times.

Thanks in advance.
Welcome to the forum matey. I know nothing of this electrical magic you speak of but this thread should help bring others looking for one to you, and eventually an actual one. Or so the theory goes.
It's a PVS100 TL

The space before the T was important it appears they use one. So that means Google does.

Is this it? I think I've only gone and found one!
Thanks a lot! Unfortunately this was just an inverter spec sheet, but I really appreciated your attention.

Best regards
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Boo sorry matey. Maybe send them an email from that website, might be a bit delayed given the time of year but if its a quick link they might reply fairly quick.
This thread hasn't been replied to for 14 days, so replying to this one may not get a response. Post a new thread instead.

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