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Dodgy trade pictures for your amusement! - 1 Million Views!

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Right ... Just been nudged to set this up by Paul.M and sounds a good idea following recent threads I've done in the Arms..

Rules....No Offensive material... edit if required before posting as this is the public arena.
Anything to do with the trade or in and around it ...H&S pic's welcome.

Beware plumbers!!!.jpg

I've posted this a few times and this is at a mates house following a kitchen refirb several yrs ago. :eek:mg_smile:

Beware plumbers!!!.jpg
The answer to almost zero IR lies within. I love the brick.

I'm also quietly proud of my assistant, 3rd year in college, and let loose solo on this unoccupied property. He's traced the problem down to this section and worked out which bit of floor to dig up all on his own.
We're now up to 8Mohms from 0.03Mohms. He's clipping it all up off the floor now, poor chap!
I reckon he deserves a beer or two later.

Looks a bit damp down there. 😉
It does. Any sign of air vents that might be blocked?
I've traced loads of cases of poor IR down to these junction boxes. Usually down to them being full of damp cobwebs, up on a beam in some agricultural outbuilding.
Quick cure was to clean it out and to pack it full of a red plasticine like compound, whose name escapes me. 'R' something, IIRC.
That's a lovely panel.
We did some bio digester plant a couple of years ago the panels were all made in Germany and very tidy indeed!
Only trouble was that the instructions to install them were in German and none of us did!!😀
Also isn't there a thread on here for jobs done properly?

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