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I know not really electrical but looking for some advice as to extending/upgrading my current home phone set up. Currently have about 4 extensions plugged into the main socket and well getting fed up with all the cable and problems I'm having with it. Was looking to take spurs from the main box and putting them into living room and two bedrooms.

I am just looking for advise regarding the type of cable I will need to do this as well as what sockets I will need to get and how to wire it up. Not really done much Telecoms stuff at college yet so needing a wee guiding hand to talk me through it.
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Hi Gorilla,

The easiest way would be to fit this next to master socket:


You will now need a drum of 3 pair phone cable and 3 of these secondary wall plates:


Because idc blocks on the phone plates and junction box will only take 2 cores punch down, the wiring method ideally would be

Master socket --------- Lounge---------- Bedroom1 ------------Bedroom2 (Like spur) This method wouldn't need junction box. I would imagine it would be easier to run 1 cable to lounge, then 1 cable to bedroom1 and from here to Bedroom2, so this is gonna be hard to explain.:confused:

Here it goes: In master box punch down blue on pin 2 blue/white on pin 5 and orange/white on pin 3. Now fit junction box next to master socket and punch these three cores down. Now with the lounge cable punch down on top of these three cores with these colours :

Green -- Blue
Green/White -- Blue/White
Orange/White -- Orange

Now at the lounge extension plate punch down cores:

Green -- Blue Pin 2
Green/White -- Blue/White Pin 5
Orange/White -- Orange Pin 3

This will loop signal from junction to lounge socket and back again. Now punch down the spare cores at juction box:


Now with cable from Bedroom1 punch down matching colours on top of the above colours in junction box. Now punch down the following on Bedroom1 socket:

Blue Pin 2
Blue/White Pin 5
Orange/White Pin 3

Now punch down same colours from bedroom2 cable in bedroom1 socket. Now alls left is to repeat colour code on back of Bedroom2's socket. So schematic is:

Master------------ Junction------------Lounge

Hope that makes sense :eek:

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