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Dodgy trade pictures for your amusement! - 1 Million Views!

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Right ... Just been nudged to set this up by Paul.M and sounds a good idea following recent threads I've done in the Arms..

Rules....No Offensive material... edit if required before posting as this is the public arena.
Anything to do with the trade or in and around it ...H&S pic's welcome.

Beware plumbers!!!.jpg

I've posted this a few times and this is at a mates house following a kitchen refirb several yrs ago. :eek:mg_smile:

Beware plumbers!!!.jpg
A sad tale here, a friend of mind died recently and I went to see his workshop with one of his daughters to give her a hand. He was quite an interesting guy and generally very practical, but sadly not terribly good at electrical work, shall we say. Some of the originals stuff there was installed to a good standard, but in at least one of the boxes L2 was white wire, making it older than myself!

I was not there for electrics, just to lend a hand cleaning/moving stuff, so the only thing I could actually deal with there & then was the extension lead's plug with tools I usually have in my car boot.

The SWA from the switch (or switched-fuse) is really a spectacular example, it is connected but only by a handful of strands. I really would like to know why it ended up like that as I presume it was properly glanded in the past. The main set of DB used to feed multiple units in an industrial block but the left box of fuses now has just a single 40A circuit that is not on the unit's own billing meter, but nobody I asked has any idea of who/why it remains from this separated unit now.

Of course it needs major renovation, realistically a rewire and all of the stuff replaced, but I might have to do something (like a new SWA gland!) until the estate is sorted out and the siblings who now own it can agree on getting it sorted out professionally.
Back to my old friend's place again. Turns out there was no earthing of the armour! So the car lift had been really dangerous for years! I put a gland on so now it is earthed, but left it switched off anyway. As I finished doing that I knocked an envelope nailed to the wall, and lo! A "new" 20s gland fell out from some perished plastic bag. So clearly he had the gland for a long time with the view to fixing it but never got round to it :(
In the process I took a look inside and its a bit grim:

Yes, those are bits of fuse wire in what should be the location of bolted HRC fuses in the Dorman-Smith switched-fuse, and indeed that is white for L2 showing it dates pre-1966, and I agree the CPC to the Wylex box below is far too small.

The MEM box of rewirable fuses has asbestos flash-pads, so a problem for ultimate disposal, and it has way too much connected to it with little or no regard to adequate protection. It is most certainly a rip-out and replace the lot job once the estate is finalised.

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