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Hope someone can help me with this problem that I am having at the moment.

Sunday morning i woke up to find that all the sockets, combi-boiler and intruder alarm were not working, so i went to my consumer board and noticed my RCD had tripped, I reset it and everything came back on ok, about 4 hours later it tripped again, so I reset again, after a few hours again it tripped.

I went to every socket in the house and took out every appliance and switching all the sockets off. I tested each socket with power on but it didn't trip. I went to work and my partner told me that the power tripped within minutes of a reset now.

When I got home I checked all the MCB's and I left on one MCB for twenty minutes until I found the culprit which was the downstairs socket ring main.

I opened all the sockets and checked the connections which were sound, there was no damage inside any of the sockets.

I decided to swap the 32A MCB's a round to check them but it still tripped the RCD.

So i have moved the MCB to the other buzz bar thats not RCD protected (I know against the Regs) and the power hasn't gone off since, i have reduced the load to the circuit by only leaving essential appliances on

Could someone let me know if they have experianced this problem before and if they know off any solution, is it a faulty MCB or a faulty RCD.

Just to note there was been no changes to any of the circuits before this problem happened it just tripped overnight and has never been the same since.
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My, my. The million dollar question!

It could be a number of things.

As you say, possible faulty RCD but unlikely although it does happen.

Suspended floors? If so, possible vermin damage. Outside power/socket on the same circuit?

To be honest, you should employ a competent electrician to carry out a few tests on the circuit to make sure its sound.

Jurassic Spark

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Have you actually tried meggering the circuit? :)

Low test on combi-boiler? security lighting taken from ring?


a ramp test on the RCD will sort out if it's that or not very quickly. If not that an ins res test between live and cpc. If not that it's either circuit by circuit, or appliance by appliance. narrow it down in a logical manner and you'll get ther but it can be a bit arduous!! Best of luck!!
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