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Help choosing charging outlet.

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I have just bought a Kia Xceed plug in hybrid.The battery charges at 3kw either using the 13amp plug or the Type 2(I think) cable.
My question is the best outlet for charging the car?
I am thinking of running a 6mm twin and earth directly back to the mains and fitting just a 13amp outdoor socket.
Better still would be a Type 2 charging outlet but I don't want a full 7kw charging type.Can anyone recommend a 3kw outlet that I could wire other than a socket outlet.
I have seen a few outlets but they are still over £200.Any cheaper recommendations would be good.
I would avoid the "granny chargers" and go for a proper type2.

I managed to pick up a type 2 quite cheaply - if you are not claiming the government funds then you don't have to have the ones which communicate ('smart' metering style) so at the moment there is a bit of a surplus as most now need the smart type
If fitting a new circuit for ev charging then there is an argument it still needs same protection as an ev charger such a type a / b rcd and potentially pen fault protection.
Take the grant out of the equation and you could look at the qubeev would need an earth rod or pen fault protection it is £299 QUBEV - EV Charging Unit | Type 2 Socket | 32 Amp/7.2 kW | IP65 | -
it has a dial on the side to choose the current.
If you ran the 6mm cable from consumer unit out to where you wanted the charger then you could get the grant and have say a podpoinf fitted very cheaply, podpoint fit their own units at cost price so with the cable in situ you would likely pay less than £200

Whether the charger is 32a or 16a is largely immaterial as the car only charges at the maximum rate it can handle. which being a hybrid is often 16A. at least then you future proof the charger so that future cars or visitors can charge at the higher rate. you can have the unit down rated to 16a in anycase., very few manufacturers make just 16a units now, they are all the same spec but have load curtailment inside.

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