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Hello all. i've been reading this and other lesser forums ;) for some time now as a guest but decided to sign up properly now that i have passed my elecsa assesment.

i'm currently employed full time outside of the electrical world but as i cannot see myself working for the same idiots for the rest of my life i've chased after long term thought to become a sole trading electrician.

i'm aware that there is a lot to this career and that a few weeks on a course do not make an electricain, my brother-in-law did a 5 year aprentiship. i therefore plan to carry on in employment for now and work evenings and weekends to build up practical knowledge and good reputation doing the smaller jobs that are not profitable for full time electricains.

hopefully you will welcome me and answer my rubish questions and maybe i'll even be able to help others.
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hi ,any chips(sorry crap joke)
rubbish questions give everyone a laugh. rubbish answers too


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Smaller jobs not profitable to full time electricians? Try me:cool:
Welcome though Fishy


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Hi Scampy,
Welcome abord, and as the others say ask away there's a lot of excellent info on here.

Best regards,


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Welcome aboard scampy, we are not a bad bunch.

We all try to help each other, and sometimes there are differences of opinion , which makes life that bit more interesting does it not !


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Hi my name is Brian, I have lived in Spain for the past 7 years & love it. I am 63 years young & have been an electrician all my life starting with a 6 year apprenticeship with the East Midlands Electricity Board. What got me into working in Spain was when I was self employed in England in 1992 I worked on the Expo site in Seville for 7 months & saw the state of the electrics over here. The biggest problem is that where I live is all TT system with 30Ma RCDs,& when it does rain it's murder over here as all external joints are open to the elements.The spanish idea is if it works leave it alone & if it's not replace it.I have just purchased new test equipment from england as it's impossible to source it here.20 Km down the road from me is a CEF wholesaler & even they do not stock test equipment as the spanish dont use it.But I love it here.:)


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Hi Brian and welcome to the forum.Any jobs going in sunny Spain:D
Hi Scampy & Brian

Brian What part of Spain? I worked out there for a year in Tordera (near Lloret del Mar)(although Catalunia is not Spain:D) on a materials handling conveyor system, then onto Zaragoza for a few months. Enjoyed every minute, very friendly locals, good food, beautiful women;)


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I've been an electrician 48 years & I'm still learning,dont believe it when they say they knoe=w it all.

I live in the Alicante area of spain as I have for the past 7 years.Ive built up a small bussiness from word of mouth & for me thats fine as I havent come over here to work 7 days a week, its to nice here. PS I havent had to scape ice of my car window for the last 7 years.
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welcome brian and scampy,never be afraid to talk rubbish,its how you will learn


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Unfortunately its very hard trying to get a job over here at the moment due to reccession but to work here its better if you can speak spanish.You can go self employed & pay into the social system to gain all the benifits.But it will take a wqhile to get yourself noticed & excepted untill you have built up a clientelle to pass your work on.
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