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Hi Guys,

I work in a big office in Brighton as an onsite electrician,we have just had our Inspection & Test and there is a couple of things i wanted to check,

When using SWA do you have to use the banjo if the armouring is ot being used as a CPC? If so can you just use it on one end or does it have to be both ends??

Also, is there any reason that you cannot use a double unswitched waterproof socket in a kitchen? They have said it needs to be switched as there is no local isolation, sure unplugging it should be enouh isolation???

cheers for your help.



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Yes Shaun that banjo must be used at both ends and on the inside of the isolator or the like you carry the cpc on using a singles piece of earth wire at the appropiate size usually half the csa of the swa, same at the other end as well, crimped lug with brass nut/ bolt/washers through the lot 6mm . Some specs do require the contractor to have switched sockets buts i agree the removal of the plug top isolates the appliance, unless its one of those thats locks in, when plugged in, in which case it should have a built in isolation switch i would have thought.

Shaun, might have misled you a little, i read your thread wrong, i thought you were using the armouring as the cpc, but i think not now, but the armouring has to be earthed at usually the mains end using the banjo and an earth lead of that on the inner side as i mentioned before.
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If the armourings aren't being used as CPC then they only need earthing at one end, as johnny said (eventually):D

As for the socket, not 100% sure so wont hazard a guess yet but as they still make unswitched sockets the I dont see an issue, will do a little digging.



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Thanks for the replis guys, as far as the SWA goes that is my feeling to but while having a dicussion with a guy at work (that ended up fairly heated - He is the kind of guy that thinks he knows it all but in all fairness doesn't seem to know much at all) he said that as long as it aint being used as an earth it don't need banjo's, but like you have both said above i have always thought that in that instance you would earth the supply end.

As for the socket, i can't see any logic i what they are saying as it is just normal socket, when i worked for British gas we had to change a switched socket to an unswitched if that ishow the boiler was fed, this was so if a service engineer was working on it he had to pull the plug thus disconnecting all cables, instead of finding out the hard way the polarity ws wrong in the socket and only switching the neutral!
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