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Hi guys - I am fitting out a new bathroom and brought in a sparky to help out as I am terrified of electrics.

Now the bathroom is being done for a friend on a budget who really can't afford £600 for a new mainboard but the sparky is insisting it should be done. Currently, the mainboard is an old ceramic fuse type.

In the bathroom, there is an old electric shower that is being removed for a mixer shower (non electric) and the existing light fitting will be disposed of and replaced with four IP65 spotlights rated at 5W each.

Overall, consumption, load etc will be going down significantly - do we really need to upgrade the mainboard to comply with regulations (Scotland) or is it just a preference? I know the friend wants to do it eventually, as she acknowledges how much safer it will be, in case of emergency - just doesn't have the cash right now and I want to spare her the expense until she can afford it but the electrician is being feisty about it.
Does the installation have any RCD protection?

Is bonding OK?
The lighting alterations require RCD protection, which I'm guessing is not present. Typically a replacement consumer unit would be the best long-term option, to provide RCD protection for all circuits.

But there may be cheaper alternatives, e.g. just adding RCD protection for the bathroom lighting (and any other bathroom circuits). Though the same issue will likely arise next time a room is modernized, e.g. the kitchen, or some other wiring is altered e.g. a new socket.
The spark is right in insisting new work conforms to newest regs, but as above, it can be done without changing the whole board.

False economy though, spending a couple hundred, just to remove again when a new board is eventually put in.
Thanks guys - that's a big help. I have to agree that a new board is the BEST course of action but , unfortunately, not affordable currently

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