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  1. J

    Supplementary bonding

    Would this barrier require supplementary bonding to the cable tray?
  2. J

    Industrial and supplementary bonding

    Hi guys I’m still working towards my NVQ level 3 in electrical maintenance within an industrial environment pumps and process equipment. I know this question may be a bit vague but I’m confused about supplementary bonding in my working environment. Here are a few of the things I’m confused...
  3. J

    Supp bonding needed with RCD + testing supp bonding

    Hello there all, I'm a fairly newly qualified electrician and have been doing more and more EICRs lately, if someone could actually trawl through my long question and answer it then I shall be eternally grateful I have tested 3 electrical installations in the last week with no RCD devices, all...
  4. T

    Bonding question

    Alright folks, Looking for a bit of advice with supplementary bonding - pictures attached for context. Bit of background - I'm in the process of repairing some metal bollards: I decided the best option was to rip out the old guts which comprised of some old fluorescents complete with all the...
  5. driverman

    Domestic Additional supplementary bonding

    Ok new house. New install cert issued. However, no supplementary bonding that I can see and accessible . There is a 10mm earth wire connected above the water stop cock point of entry under the kitchen sink. However, no cross bonding to the hot pipe. According to install cert the cross bonding...
  6. N

    supplementary bonding

    we are allowed to omit supplementary bonding on the 3 conditions (rcd, disconnection times and main bonding adequate ) if we have a plastic insert we may omit main bonding on water for example. would supplementary bonding have to be added as it no longer has main bonding ?
  7. H

    Supplementary bonding

    Here is a question that I would love tp know your opinion on and honest answers if you do this or not. Where there is full RCD protection in a domestic property or at least all circuit in the bathroom have RCD protection, how many of you carry out resistance testing on the exposed pipe work to...
  8. Midwest

    Existing Supplementary Bonding

    I'm doing a bathroom refurb this week. Today I inspected the existing install. The bathroom only has lighting circuit in it (6A mcb, no RCD protection). The hot & cold services have supplementary bonding, as does the CH towel radiator. The non electric shower hot & cold service does not have...
  9. L

    Supplementary bonding

    Hello all, Perhaps a few of you could help my understanding of the following query. The situation I am about to describe is purely hypothetical to help my understanding of the issue. Let's assume within a domestic bathroom, I have a combination of exposed conductive parts and suspect...
  10. S

    Hi introduction

    Hi I used to be a qualified trading electrician, now in IT but still keep my hand in for friends and family and have just passed 17th regs, but don't know all the answers! Thanks Steve
  11. H

    Domestic Supplementary bonding

    Is supplementary bonding required if the fuse board has an rcd protecting all circuits?
  12. J

    Domestic Testing supplementary bonding

    I wondered what you're thoughts were on this method of testing the supplementary bonding in a domestic installation. So disconnect the ten mill water bond at the board and connect one crock clip to it then connect the other crock clip to the cpc bar, Hey presto can anyone think of a reason why...
  13. Brighton sparky

    EICR supplementary bonding query

    Hi guys I am doing an EICR for a friend - older build all current works pre-17th edition have failed the bathroom - no supplementary bonding on pipe work and there is not RCD present i am going to give a C2 for supplementary bonding and C3 recommending to install RCD By doing this I am only...
  14. Rockingit

    RCD and bonding for pools/saunas

    Out on site and somehow all the books have walked out the van! Could someone do me a favour and look in the BGB and tell me if bonding is exempted if RCD is in place, and whether the RCD needs to be 2p or not? Not even sure what there may be to bond yet! Cheers muchly. R.
  15. T

    earthing with rcd

    Right here goeshad our visit from NIC inspector today and he had an interesting take on earthing requirements. He said if a property is protected by an rcd there is no requirement for supplementary bonding OR main bonding ie 10 mm out to gas and water. i checked my on site and it says that as...
  16. E

    no evidence of supplementary bonding to pipe work

    I went and did a visual inspection on a flat. No Rcd protection present. 10 mm earth to water and gas was connected. No sign of supplementary bonding. So i did a long lead test and found that all pipe work in kitchen and bathroom was below 0.05 Ω. Does this mean no supplementary bonding is...
  17. E

    Board Change questions

    ok so iv been working as an electrician for 3 years so still have a lot to learn. Im doing a board change for a friend iv bonded the gas and water as there was no bonding in place originally, also tested all of the circuits found a couple of things like shared neutral on the lighting circuit...
  18. M

    bonding of pipework with flexible connectors

    afternoon all! doing a pir / ecr, whatever you wanna call it now, bonding readings ok on pipework coming from under floor, but not on sinktop or taps, only slightly higher but high enough to be above satisfactory. what would you do, or recommend, or note? thanks
  19. G

    gas bond from local distribution board

    My engineer wants me to fit a gas bond from a local distribution board in an office but as we know it should be direct from the MET. What if the distribution board is moved or removed? Needless to say i wont be putting my name to it. This isnt right is it?? How can i make the best of a bad...
  20. C

    Disconnection time for distribution circuit

    I'm looking at remedials from a PIR and one thing is a switch fuse with an 80 amp BS88 is serving a 16mm run of 2 core and armour SWA which serves 3 sub boards in 3 seperate outbuildings and they have been wired so they loop in and out at henley blocks until the final sub board. The total run is...
  21. A

    Bonding central heating pipes

    Cross bonding central heating pipes, good practice to wire in 4mm2 ? any thoughts...
  22. sythai

    Rcd or not....

    Hi Chaps... Just after a bit of guidance please. I'm so used of RCD everything these days that I install. But would I be correct in thinking that if I'm carrying out an alteration on a bathroom circuit and no rcd protection is present, then I could install supplementary bonding to bring it...
  23. N

    Rcd in bathrooms

    Hi all When carrying out a pir if the bathroom has no rcd protection is it a code 4 or code 2? All sockets are rcho protected but bathroom light & elec shower on normal mcbs
  24. S

    No RCD protection...

    If I was to install a new shower for someone using an rcbo as theres no rcd protection would this be ok? What i mean is am I ok as long as the circuit I have installed is protected? Or would it be up to me to make sure there was protection for the other circuits?
  25. P

    schedule of inspections/supplementary bonding

    On page 3 of schedule of inspections (where you put a tick, X or N/A in the boxes), presence of supplementary bonding conductors appears twice - once in fault protection 1) automatic disconnection of supply and again near the bottom of the page under Additional protection. Have looked in the...
  26. Y

    Socket outlets under bath.

    hi, have to wire up one of those whirlpool baths for a client. It comes with a 13amp plug and with reading the new rags I am taking it as that i can put an outlet or fcu under the bath, since its only accessible with a tool. Is this correct??? The whole board will be RCD protected btw. Or...
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