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Changing a class II to class I is bad enough, but to not attempt to earth the fitting is diabolical.

I’d expect some sort of Heath Robinson… a bit of earth wire with a ring crimp on the end, with the fixing screw tightened up would effectively earth the fitting ( if the main body was then screwed to the bracket)
But he hasn’t even done that.
I find with these so called 'class 2' metal light fittings which are basically class 1 fittings with a crappy supposedly double insulated joint box supplied to be a total waste of time, if a typical loop in wiring method is present(which it mostly is) the only way to install the light safely is indeed to ring crimp the CPCs and screw them to the fixing screw of the base bracket, like you said, which at least provides an earthed light fitting

This is my method when dealing with these fittings and sadly the only choice I can think of.

unless you have a single cable entering the light fitting it is impossible to ensure a class 2 double insulated situation is maintained, they are a terrible design and lead mainly to an unearthed class 1 fitting as in the post

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