1. T

    Complete dwelling refurb inc re wire query

    Hi all New here. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum! I have a query regarding what will and won’t be possible with regard to a property I own in the north east. The 3 bed semi is empty and being completely stripped out of all finishes and all services inc water and plumbing. Right back...
  2. Andy78

    electrical installation on a floating dwelling

    I really need some help in a project I have become involved in wiring a lived on boat. It's something I have not done before or anything remotely similar so I'm well out of my comfort and confidence zone. I'm really struggling finding a definite guide as to the correct regulations I need to be...
  3. Markc

    New build dwelling >200mt/2 fire alarm

    Hi all We have been invited to tender for a new build dwelling, two storey with a ground floor of 240mt/2. My understanding of Part B is the property will require a Grade B-LD3 fire alarm system. My tender allowed for a LD2 to include high risk areas, kitchen and living room (wood burner) The...
  4. James bishop

    External influences for a domestic dwelling and more..

    Questions i need answers to. i'm given a scenario for this radial question but not going to write it out What are the test sequence for radial socket outlet? ( i put ) test the continuity of circuit protective conductors (R1+r2) Insultation resistance test polarity. Would it be the same if...
  5. E

    Metal Fuseboard Domestic Dwelling

    When Installing A New Circuit To A Fairly Recently Installed DB (Plastic). Do You Have To Change The Consumer Unit To A New Metal Board - On Installation Certificate It Asks To Tick About Combustible Materials But Currently Having A Debate With Colleague. What Do You Guys Think?
  6. 8

    Minor works, fixed dwelling with commando input.

    Hi gents, I'm working on a container thats is ply lined and has lighting and power inside all run in plastic 20mm surface conduit. Protective device is a garage 2-way consumer unit with 30ma rcd main switch (already installed on arrival). The container is in middle of a field on a mod site -...
  7. Q

    Info regarding part p

    hi, I'm looking for a little bit of information regarding part p and I'm hoping you can please help. I work for a company that provides student accommodation. We have over 500 rooms and do basic maintenance work. At present when a bathroom light or bathroom extractor fan needs replacing our boss...
  8. mwigham85

    Supporting cables in an escape routes

    Hi Guys, Quick question can you add cables to existing PVC trunking in escape routes without fire proof support if your coming off an existing circuit within the PVC trunking? Regards Mike
  9. SparkyChick

    What is a 'dwelling'?

    Hi all, Sounds a simple enough question, but try as I might, I can't find a definition of what constitutes a 'dwelling' in the context of Part P. The obvious answer is, it's somewhere someone lives. Using that definition however, a hotel could be classed as a dwelling because sometimes people...
  10. J

    MCS requirements For off grid PV

    Hi there , Just a quick one can anyone point in the direction of what is required under to MCS to get FITs for off grid installs ? Also Are there any places that can be recomeded for reasonably priced dc isolators (wanted a 40-60a one ) Thanks
  11. P

    Commercial/dwelling issues

    Hi, Hope you guys can help. I've been asked by a family friend to do some electrical work. Bit of background first. The establishment in question was split into 3 units. A bar, a flat and a upstairs dwelling. 3 phase incoming. 1 phase Dwelling, 2 phase flat and 3 phase pub. Both the dwelling...
  12. S

    Working Out Amp Draw

    Hi When working out Amp draw (Watt/Voltage) for a domestic dwelling do I keep my voltage figure at 230 when in real terms the actual voltage as source is 246v So for a 7kw cooker I do 7000/230 = 30.43amps but at 245v its 28.57amps. Do I always use 230 as the figure for a domestic dwelling?
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