time delay

  1. T

    Time delay relay

    I want to put a code pad via a time delay relay on a shutter door, any recommendations?
  2. P

    How to add a time delay to a bathroom fan

    Hi I'm looking for some advice for adding a time delay on my parent's shower room fan. My parents had a section of their garage converted into a shower room with toilet. But the builders did something a bit odd. They fitted a pull cord light switch by the door and then a separate pull switch...
  3. R

    Can anyone explain what a time delay RCD is needed for?

    I've scoured the internet for what these do and am coming up short on finding information. What are these for? (ie what specific problem are they trying to solve) and why do they need to be time delayed? Thanks in advance
  4. D

    Time delay RCD or Mechanical Protection

    Okay! So, I’m looking to plug a knowledge gap. The set up is a DB in a main dwelling and a second DB in an outbuilding. The supply from the main dwelling to the outbuilding is 16mm2 split concentric. It is buried in sealed ducting at 1500mm at the deepest point (under the lawn). It comes...
  5. O

    Issues using a time delay relay for my second fuel pump (diagram included)

    I'm using the stock fuel pump wiring to trigger two different relays for my two fuel pumps on my car built for drag racing. The first relay is a normal relay and the second relay is a Beuler time delay relay (it's a BU-508TD model which has since been replaced by the BU-509TD, but they function...
  6. D

    Can I use this Time Delay Switch on a panel heater?

    Just a quick one! I believe this time delay switch should work for my old panel heater (1.25kwh) because it handles loads up to 16A. Can anyone confirm this for me? I had someone tell me I needed a fused spur switch but others tell me I don't. FYI: the aim is to ensure the panel heater turns...
  7. S

    TIme Delay Switch

    Hello, I have a 12VDC battery bus where I charge with solar PV and a wind turbine. The system is controlled using a Siemens PLC. When there is a system fault, the PLC will open all relays, but this included relays that power the PLC itself (example an emergency pushbutton). When restarting the...
  8. B

    Time Delay RCD For A commercial premises

    I have changed a new fuse board in a Shop with about 4 Fridges and i have got a problem with the RCD keep tripping and I put 100ma time delay RCD instead of the 30ma and the RCD Tripped few times and then stopped tripping all the test was passed but I don't know if this comply with the regs or...
  9. oxford 12

    Time delay RCDs and cables in walls

    Your carrying out an eicr on a domestic property with a time delay 100mA RCD protecting lighting cables within 50 mm of the surface. What code would you give it c3 or c2?
  10. rustynails

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Online Certification Rated Time Delay

    Could someone who uses this software tell me what the Rated Time Delay box is for when filling out the Main switch/ Switch-Fuse/ Circuit-breaker/ RCD section of an EIC? Is it for the recommend range in which a time delayed rcd should trip 130 - 500ms... or is it something else?
  11. S

    Time delay RCD

    Hi People, Carrying out a EIC on a recent cu replacement on a TT system. 100 amp 100MA time delay RCD used up front but cert is asking for time delay in MS- how do i find this out? Thanks Adam
  12. M

    sub main supply time delay trip 100ma 100A s keeps triping

    Hi Can anyone help ? i have a job where there is a tt supply and a swa sub main feeding a dist board with 13 final circuits , each final circuit is protected by a RCBO , all rcbos ok and not triping but the time delay trip seems very sesitive and keeps triping out , it tests ok no trip at half...
  13. P

    100mA time delay rcd

    Hello guys, I'm after a bit of advice/opinion on this one. A customer has a plumis mist sprinkler system that needs power. I'm planning to stick in a separate unit, 100mA time delayed rcd as he wants the cables buried. If I just stick a mcb off of that would that be acceptable? It's not a TT...
  14. C

    Single Pole RCBO in TT with Time Delay RCD Incomer

    Hello, Newcomer to the forum, so hello all. Just to clarify, although I understand most of my way around the regs and workings, still get an approved guy to to any work......just thought I'd get that out of the way! Anyhow, I have an old property that fed by good old overhead Live/Neutral so...
  15. W

    Time delay rcd issue

    Hi all on a TT system, upfront 100mA s type rcd at origin then 5 submains out to 5 small CUs each with its own 30ma rcd main switch on testing 30mA rcds they are totally fine with upfront RCD bypassed but when tested with upfront RCD installed, all 5 rcd trip early on test Im thinking this is...
  16. G

    Rcd time delay wylex 4293 wes 100/4b

    Anybody know if this is a time delay rcd, and what delay? Can't get to see any information on it. Do have a pic but struggling to upload on phone
  17. W

    time delay RCD

    Hi guys, Got a TT system. Do I need to install a time delay RCD on an old Wylex board that is supplying off-peak night storage heaters. The unrestricted board has been changed to 17th last year but the restricted board has not been changed. Cheers. The external Ze is very good at 0.18.
  18. B

    Intruder Alarm time delay on armed zones

    Hell all, I have bought and installed a LS400 Intruder Alarm. On testing I have found that when set in the Away Mode, and excluding entry/exit zone/route the following: If the alarm is activated there is a 15 second delay before the internal sounder operates and a further 30 second delay...
  19. N

    Why doesn't my multifunction tester have a time delay option?

    At least for the low ohms measurement range anyway. It'd be great to be able to quickly set a delay period between the pressing of the Test button then the actual performance of the test, for those awkward tests where you can't hold the probes in place and press the Test button at the same time...
  20. C

    100ms time delay rcd on main domestic unit?g

    my house has 100ms time delay rcd main switch. why would this have been installed in a house? is it legal? thanks


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