1. S

    EICR 100ma RCD TT systems

    Good Morning all , Carrying out an EICR yesterday on a domestic property TT system , which is not a system I frequently work on. My question is that I have a Plastic CU, All circuits protected by RCBO’s, Satisfactory main protective bonding in place & A Good ZE / PFC well within the limits of a...
  2. J

    100mA RCD TT Question

    I am replacing a TP isolator for a 4 pole 100mA RCD. The existing install is such with incoming cables at the top snd tales to the dis boards at the bottom. Am I right in thinking that for this application orientation of in and out on the RCD will not matter? Checking manufacturers details and...
  3. Gavin John Hyde

    Old install 100mA RCD main switch but no 30mA

    Have to replace this old board for a elderly relative of my soon to be wife, British Gas have been along and used soem of the special triangle stickers to say it is unsafe - but still fitted the new boielr anyway with a FCU from the socket circuit in kitchen, as always money is the priority for...
  4. HappyHippyDad

    Tripping times for a 100mA RCD?

    Could anyone confirm if we test 100mA RCD's at x5? There is a lot of information on the web that says you only test at x1 but Table 3a in appendix 3 clearly shows a max disconnection time for a 100mA RCD at x5 to be 40ms. Thanks all.
  5. S

    Fitting a 100ma RCD on Solar PV to solve nuisance tripping.

    A solar PV system keeps tripping the 30ma B curve RCD (at dawn). The system is a TNC-S and the cabling to the inverter is surface mounted SWA. Is there any reason to not swap the 30ma main switch out for a 100ma ?
  6. T

    Submain Supply 100a 100mA

    Installing a 25mm 3core swa to feed an exisitng consumer unit due to the SEB moving the supply. Planning to use a 100A 100mA time delayed rcd to feed the split load rcd board. Sound ok?
  7. scott1

    Static Caravan 100ma OK ?

    Just been to look at a single static caravan on a farm, they are looking for a EICR to be done. Incoming supply is TNCS. 80amp DP protected 10mm 2core SWA running 100 meters or more to a outdoor box under caravan containing a 100ma rcd and 16amp mcb, where it has been TTd fine. From this runs...
  8. D

    Classification code for 100ma TT 3036

    Hi all, carried out an EICR recently on a caravan. System is a TT with 4293 100ma main switch then into a 3036 board. All wiring tested ok with just a few damaged accessories to change. RCD tested ok but its not time delay. Should I be recommending additional 30ma RCD protection for circuits (in...
  9. andysparkfree

    100ma 100amp 3phase main switch on TT system and rcd protection on the rest of the circuits question

    Hi all , my question for your brilliant minds is (ill first set the scene) 35mm 4 core swa coming from an external supply, 16mm earth ran out to an earth rod(ze at the distribution board main switch 0.35ohms) now this is quite a large installation with a 3phase distribution board in the...
  10. L

    100ma RCD TNS - Condition Report

    Hi All, I've recently done a condition report at a property that has a 100ma RCD as the main switch... Never seen this before.. Would this be recorded as a C3? as its not protected by 30ma RCD? or would it be classed as a C2? Its an old installations (Old Red & black cables) Thanks in advance!
  11. R

    Up front 100mA s type Rcd on a TT system.

    Hi all, Can anyone clarify whether it is O.k to remove a 100mA type s (time delay) Rcd which is upfront of a ammendment 3 splt load 30mA Rcd protected db, and replace it with a isolator? I can't seem to find a reference in the regs book. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  12. S

    Time delayed 100mA RCD

    Hi guys Quick question Does anyone know the max trip time for a 100mA time delayed RCD
  13. S

    TT System 100ma S Type Housing

    Hi, Got a Domestic TT system which needs a new 100ma S Type RCD. What are your thoughts on this being placed in an Insulated or metal enclosure? It is not in an external meter cupboard so falls under 421.1.201 (within domestic). Thanks,
  14. kingeri

    100mA RCD on PME system

    I am going to a job this afternoon, new shower circuit. I noticed yesterday that the Wylex CU has a 100mA S-type RCD as the main switch and all the circuits are on 30mA RCBOs. PME system as far as I could tell (certainly not TT). Didn't give it much thought then, but was thinking about it...
  15. hasel5

    100Ma Rcd main switch On TPN board

    Got a quick question for you Been to a dilapidation job today and have the following TNS-C 100A supply in a Build from 2008 with a 12 way TPN board Main switch is A 100A 100 MA 4 pole RCD No 30 MA RCD protection to any outgoing circuits. So if any circuit has a earth fault whole board...
  16. P

    TT Amendment 3 and 100mA S-type RCD

    Hi all, 99.9% of my work is TNS or TNCS but I am currently working out of my normal area at a property that is presumed to be TT (I say presumed because some helpful soul has encased the service head where the Live and Neutral emanate in expandy foam along with about 4 feet of wall, from the...
  17. C

    100mA RCD Incomming NOT TT but PME

    Hi as the title suggests, I know of a Fuse Board, that has a 100mA RCD incoming However its not a TT system its a PME system, I've only been in the trade 2 years now so im still green, did it used to be the case that 100mA was the standard instead of 30mA protection for Domestic Dwellings...
  18. polo1

    100mA rcd main switch

    Folks, I've just been at a job with a MEM split board with the sockets coveted by a 100mA, 100A main switch. The installation is 15 years old. Was 100mA ever acceptable in a domestic installation of this age? I'm beginning to doubt myself! Cheers.
  19. H

    disconnection times for 100mA BS61008 on a tt system

    Gents, tested a pub split load db today in the sticks. before i commence any work, am i right in stating anything over 0.1 on the 100mA side is a fail? did a test on the man 100mA and its disconnecting in 0.25 I've tested the sockets on the 30mA side and they are disconnecting correctly. Pubs...
  20. M

    sub main supply time delay trip 100ma 100A s keeps triping

    Hi Can anyone help ? i have a job where there is a tt supply and a swa sub main feeding a dist board with 13 final circuits , each final circuit is protected by a RCBO , all rcbos ok and not triping but the time delay trip seems very sesitive and keeps triping out , it tests ok no trip at half...


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