1. dlt27

    Time delayed rcd’s and fault protection

    Have been to a farm today that has a 100mA time delayed RCD main switch covering a DB that has MCB’s on majority of circuits ( less than 32A) and 30mA RCBO’s on sockets, lighting etc. What I was thinking was does this comply with regs as circuits less than 32A should disconnect in less than...
  2. C

    Time delayed RCD

    My guys were testing a 500ma time delayed RCD today with our Fluke tester, can’t remember the model, 1556??? I had a go and couldn’t get it to trip either. The tester was set to time delayed setting, 500mA, did the 30s countdown but didn’t trip. Am I doing something wrong?? And yes I was...
  3. C

    MK time delayed rcd's?

    I asked my wholesaler for one today only to be told they're discontinued. A quick google of MK 6400s seems to confirm this. Does anyone know why this is and if Mk are producing a new version for some reason?
  4. rustynails

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Online Certification Rated Time Delay

    Could someone who uses this software tell me what the Rated Time Delay box is for when filling out the Main switch/ Switch-Fuse/ Circuit-breaker/ RCD section of an EIC? Is it for the recommend range in which a time delayed rcd should trip 130 - 500ms... or is it something else?
  5. S

    Domestic Time delay RCD

    Hi People, Carrying out a EIC on a recent cu replacement on a TT system. 100 amp 100MA time delay RCD used up front but cert is asking for time delay in MS- how do i find this out? Thanks Adam
  6. Hellmooth

    Hager 100A s type rcd

    Can anyone tell me if a Hager 100a time delayed rcd part number CN284U will directly replace a Hager 100a main switch part number SB 299U?
  7. applemac

    rcd type

    Hi I can't remember if 100ma time delayed rcd are marked s at the front? What's the best way to confirm this. Cheers.
  8. B

    Do time delayed rcbo's exist?

    Anyone know where I can get them? cheers
  9. J

    Commercial Problems with more than one rcd

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone with a lot of experience had any thoughts on this; I've seen on farms that are usually tt earthed the mains come in and through an s type time delay rcd and then sub mains go to different buildings which are protected by standard 30ma rcds. Sometimes faults in...
  10. S

    supply & tails rcd

    Hi all, could someone please give me some advice. I wiring some flats up and as its an old building their is currently no power to any floors. New supplies are being fitted in the basement (which is owned by a shop on the bottom floor) my question is about protecting the tails up to each flats...
  11. D

    Rcd or isolator.

    Hi Guys. I have a new build house waiting for the meter to be fitted by the NIE. What are the requirements for isolation in the outside metering cubicle on a tt system. Would a 100a isolator be ok or do I need an RCD here as well as the 2 x 30mA ones in the con unit. Con Unit is back to back...
  12. B

    RCD Protection of tails to flat

    1st floor flat on PME supply. Service head on lower floor below G/F flat. Tails to 1/F flat some 10m away protected by switched fuse after meter. Cant see run of tails but 99.99% sure they are buried in the wall as no conduit/trunking evident and they also go through the communal staircase area...
  13. S

    100ma RCD

    I have been to a job this morning, the outside carpark lights had a fault on them, i have rectified the fault. The system is TT with 100ma rcd incomer protecting the installation. The problem is that if there is a fault on the lighting circuit throughout the night it takes the main 100ma rcd...
  14. F

    mains supply to flats

    had a customer enquirey to change card meters in some flats each flat is fed with 10mm twin and earth and each flat has its own earth stake on fuse fusebox side of flat,each flat has a 30ma rcd inbetween incoming supply cable and fusebox. however there is no earth stake for the incoming supplies...
  15. K

    3 63 amp RCDs on same circiut

    2 are in the board and the other is feeding that which is also being fed from a 100 amp rcd. cant seem to find any problems with cables and does just nuisance trip. help plz
  16. C

    relay or contactor?

    if i wanted the garage lights to come on when the electric door opened would i use a contactor or relay ? whats the differance? thanks for the advice
  17. G

    TT system testing - problem

    Hi, can anybody throw some light on a problem / confusion i have? I'm in the process of installing a new TT system. The existing earth electrode had a high resistance in excess of 2Mohms. I've inserted a new electrode in a new location and measured the resistance immediately after inserting the...
  18. U

    time delayed main switch?

    just been to a quote for new bathroom refurb , new board done, hi integrity crabtree starbreaker CU in place. TT system split rcd with 2 ways etc. 30 MA on each, all tested ok. no time delayed main switch, just standard 100A main switch. Does this require one as it is split load? the install...
  19. I

    TT 100ma Rcd + earth electrode??

    Hi al,l I am working on a tt system at present. I am going to be a adding a new d/b which will be ran from an existing board which has a 30ma main switch, controlling 1 other circuit i need to change the main switch to 100ma and the 1 circuit its controlling will need changing to a 30ma rcbo as...
  20. R

    max Zs for delayed RCD's

    The regs give a table for non delayed RCD's and circuits under 32A, how do you calculate max Zs if there is a delayed RCD or if the circuit is over 32A?
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