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Install new oven & induction hob to existing circuit

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Hi All. Just a little help I need connecting a electric oven and induction hob. The existing is a 32 amp MCB in the consumer unit. A 4m run of 6mm sq t&e cable from mcb going to a 45A cooker control switch. From here a 6mm sq t&e going into cooker connection unit. I have removed the old electric oven which was connected to the cooker connection unit with 6mm sq t&e cable. I want to connect a new 2.5kw oven and a 6.4kw induction hob. I have a 45 Amp Dual Appliance / Cooker Outlet Plate which will replace the existing cooker connection unit. Is it ok to connect both appliances to the new dual appliance connection unit so they are on the same circuit. If so then what size cable do I need to connect the oven to the connection unit. The hob already has a 5 core cable with the blue and grey cable joined together at the end and the black and brown also joined together. It looks like a 3 phase cable. Any help on this will be much appreciated.
My Sparky is not available at the moment. I'm here in the kitchen fitting units and have come to the oven part of the installation. I need to get this kitchen finished quite quickly. In the instructions there's nothing about connecting 2 appliances to the same circuit.
Not trying to save a few bob. Just trying to save time. If Its possible to connect both to the existing then I'll do it now. So that I can continue with installing the oven housing cabinet then at least I'll have the wiring ready.
Thanks for your help Telectrix and your time. Much appreciated.

I have read the manufacturers instructions.
and it says "This appliance must be connected directly to the mains using an omnipolar circuit breaker with a minimum opening of 3mm between contacts"
Then it goes on to say in adifferent paragraph "This appliance requires a 32amp miniature circuit breaker"

Hob Installation.jpg
The induction hob draws quite a bit of current. On its own I would say it's spot on using a 32amp mcb and 6mm twin & earth however, adding another 2.5kw (oven) to the equation this would/could tip it over the edge at around 38A in total. (not knowing the reference method it's difficult to say) There is every chance that each appliance could be used to its full capacity when doing a lovely Sunday roast for example. Most modern ovens are designed to simply plug into the ring circuit so does the oven have a 13amp plug on it? This is why it's never a simple answer unless we know all the facts. Some answers/comments sound a little "unhelpful" but we don't know the full picture.

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