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Hi all,

I am applying for my NICEIC MCS registration soon, but was worried about my QMS.

i was previously registered with NAPIT and used their 'supplied' system, and i have now changed it around to suit my new company (partnership broke up) but i am worried that it wont be right/enough for the NICEIC.

any recommendations?

or do i fork out the unknown ££££ and go down the route of easy MCS?

any help is appreciated!

Cheers, Elliott
I had an awful experience with Easy MCS a couple of weeks ago and ended up having to apologise to NICEIC and re-schedule my re-assessment. Nothing that was promised was delivered and I got a refund in the end.

I actually ended up worse off because I'd started to change over my quotes etc to their paperwork and I'm left with 2 different systems to put right now.

I found it quite ironic that the people I was paying serious wadge to for a qms were so bad at delivering their own qms standards and pointed this out to NICEIC.

I suppose it could have been a one off, but seriously everything they said they would do they let me down with. Worst service I've encountered in years.
Only reason for no going through NAPIT is because im an NICEIC approved contractor, and would like my MCS with NICEIC as well. Will have to do some research into easy MCS then as it was recommended by my NICEIC inspector!
Yep, they recommended it to me too - horrendous experience, when I made my formal complaint to Easy MCS NICEIC were copied into it. Easy's paperwork is still telling you to use SAP 2009 to calculate generation - just one of many issues.
Sausages (just for tracking a min lol needed a word, I must be hungry)
not looking to good then! will start a new thread, i wonder if anyone else had a bad experience as their is not much info on the net!

Thank you for your help :)
I'm waiting for paperclip to get back to me about their free trial - some have used that and found it works well for them. I must admit access to cloud for everything is useful if you're like us and are often out of the office.
I tried them when they first kicked off in 2011 but there were too many issues with the beta version. Of course that's the point of having a beta version but I've got enough to do without testing out someone else's work for them. It's all sorted now apparently, the problem with trials is that they rarely actually show you much other than a dashboard - we'll see if this is any different.

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