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  1. Z


    Hi I am Australian, but living in the UK, I would like to do course in Electrical Installations level 2 and 3 including the NVQ and any other essential qualifications need to get an Electrical licence. However in the future I may decide to move back to Queensland, Australia. I have be in...
  2. M


    Good morning does anyone have any help or guidance on the EAL level 4 assessment please ? Any info greatfully received. Many thanks
  3. HJC

    EAL & C&G compatability

    Hi all, I completed my apprenticeship a few years ago with EAL being the awarding body. I’ve also recently passed the 18th edition however this was awarded by City & Guilds. I’m about to start the 2391 (c&g) course next week and was wondering if it matters which awarding body gives the...
  4. Cornish1984

    The city and guilds 2391-52 or the eal version. Help please

    Hi I haven't posted for a while. But any information on the following would be appreciated. Thankyou Hi I am in for my level 3 inspection exam and may be dyslexic. I really want to go for the 2391-52 but my tutor is asking me to go for the eal version. Could any 1 in the group advise me what...
  5. M

    Hi, EAL vs C&G on 18th edition

    Hi, new member to the forum. Started on the 16th edition but haven't done any regs edition tests since the start of the 17th. As I changed to do LV & HV cable jointing. But still like to keep up with the regs. Looking at my local college they still offer the BS 7671 courses but not city and...
  6. J

    2394/2395 C & G and EAL

    Hi, I’ve passed my 2394 initial Verification with City & Guilds and have the certificate. My new company has just enrolled me on the EAL 4337/4338 which is basically the C & G 2394/2395 combined course. I am on holiday when I’m due to sit the 4337 theory exam SO If I ‘fail’ the 4337 because...
  7. J

    Periodic testing courses. 2381-51 or eal version

    Hi, I have noticed that there is loads of different options for these courses now, what’s your opinion? Eal v city and Guilds? Eal seems cheaper and exam seems easier with these course content. Are they recognised the same? Thanks
  8. D

    Passed EAL level 3 electrical installation, now what?

    Basically the title but a few things to add to that. I've been struggling to find an apprenticeship. There are almost no apprenticeships in my area (Birmingham). Am I looking in the wrong places? I tried JTL, job sites and a bunch of electrical training sites and I can't seem to find anything...
  9. Dave Rudderham

    Random thought - Level 3 EAL.

    So I'm well on the way to completing the second practical assessment in the EAL L3 EI course. Me being me, and the tutor saying "We don't normally switch the neutral in the UK" I decided (with permission) to adapt the assessment and move the neutral conductor out to the DIN rail. I've drawn out...
  10. mjtefc9

    EAL vs City and Guilds £££

    Afternoon guys, I am a Electrical project buyer, and CAD engineer. I am moving on to estimating and project management and I am enrolling on an Electrical installation diploma 2, to give me some more practical knowledge and confidence. I have been offered the EAL qual for £1295 and the C&G...
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