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For trainees if interested - Star Delta Starter Explained - Working Principle

Star Delta Starters Explained. How do star delta starters work for three phase induction motors and why do we use star delta starters. We cover the basic's o...
good video to help you understand the how and why of star delta.
if you look at the vid about 4:50 the phases seem to change.

i.e. 1st example when wiring direct to terminals, in delta config.
red phase goes to U1 and W2
yel phase goes to V1 and U2
blue phase goes to W1 and V2

however when in delta using his recommended wiring
red phase goes to U1 and V2
yel phase goes to V1 and W2
blue phase goes to W1 and U2

now this config will work as it gives cw rotation on both but I would have thought that it would be closer to most real life configurations if the bottom motor terminals were wired red, yel, blue.
not yel, blue, red.

any thoughts on this??
The motor is causing the main contactor to trip whilst the Delta contactor has power
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