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Free Energy Using Speaker Magnet Technology For 2019

  • Dan
Hello Everyone! This is video.Would like to present you Free Energy Using Speaker Magnet Technology For 2019. We all trust you enjoy our video tutorial about...
static zap
..Mmmm Photo shop , green screen , or a big hole in the bench ...
( If using a Microwave beam .. need to be careful with legs under bench )
I do like the authentic delay for filament to heat !
( And a You tube Tasty-Taster Img.. That looks different to actual content !)
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kenny p
check the bulb out its a high low beam motorcycle bulb there are two filaments in the bulb one for high beam and one for low beam if you look at the wiring both terminals at the bottom of the bulb are positive the earth is the metal base around the bulb so without the earth being connected the bulb would not work anyway so therefor its a scam free energy don't think so
static zap
Most important Internet lesson is to be learned -HERE-
******* ------ It's ALL LIES ----- ******* No free Energy HERE .

( Will take a fair bit of current to make bulb glow dull )
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