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Pain In The A*** Consumer Unit Installation (Ft My Son 'Marlon The Spark')

Today we install a new consumer uni, specifically a 18th edition skeleton board within a mantel unit. I had never fitted this type of skeleton board so found...
Not me happyhippdad…. I swear

I did notice delroy choose to use normal ko box grommets which are not fire proof.
He should have used those skin seal intumescent grommets that you just push the cable through making a tight seal.

(I must admit thou I have used normal blind grommets in the past and just made a small slot in them , but don;t tell anyone)
Havnt watched the video but you dont have to use fire rated grommets on a board, just maintain the ip rating
You are probably correct..

But this then begs the question why are so many sparks gunning in all around the cable entries with fire proof mastic and even using expanding foam to fill in the back knock outs
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