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  1. RutlandFox

    WANTED: Electrician's Mate / Improver - 2 week's work - Ashbourne, Derbyshire

    I have 2 weeks' work on a house rewire in Ashbourne. Rate will be daily, to be decided depending on experience but essentially market rates. You will need to work unassisted some of the time - so I need someone who is able to pull cables and do first fix without getting in a muddle or running...
  2. G

    Electricians Mate Looking for work as a Electrician's Mate in the Essex/London Area

    Hi i am looking to take the leap into the industry by looking to work full time as an electricians mate in the Essex/London area, i have a small amount of experience in the domestic side and i am currently enrolled on a college course. I have both ECS electrical labourer card and my CSCS...
  3. L

    Best skills for an Electrician's mate

    Hi, I have just started retraining as an electrician and am starting my Level 2 EAL course in September. In the meantime I want to develop my skills as much as I can, however there are a lot of skills to develop. What I want to know is, what skill would a Electrician most appreciate if they...
  4. M

    UK Homeowner - advice on my electrician's status, with regards to Part P regulations

    We have had a rear extension built on our home, and our builder arranged the electrician for the electric work required. I have established that the Electrician and his helper (apprentice/junior) are from a country to the east of Europe and are not currently registered as UK electricians and do...
  5. J

    Electricians Mate Looking for full-time work/experience as Electrician's mate in London

    My name is Johnson I’m looking for any jobs as electrician’s mate. If not available I’m willing to work for cheap or free to gain experiences around London. I'm happy to be an extra pairs of helping hand and ready to start (my location is in Woolwich common, Greenwich south east London SE18)...
  6. A

    UK Unregistered electrician's work to be checked by his registered colleague

    Hi, I am in the middle of completely refurbishing a two storey house (in London, UK) including re-wiring the entire house (new wires, sockets, new circuits, new consumer unit). My builder (let's say "Jack") said he has an electrician who can do the work and I would get the certificate at the...
  7. davesparks

    Electricians Mate Electrician's mate/improver needed

    We have recently taken on a lot more work and are now looking for a self employed electricians mate or someone at the improver level for fairly regular work. We are based in Woking covering the local area and London's West end providing specialist electrical services to theatres and...
  8. telectrix

    The Story of Creation ( according to the Electrician's Bible)

    In Seven days, God created the Universe and the Earth. Tired from His exertions, He then handed it over to Satan, who then created Niceic.
  9. David77

    Electrician's Mate based in Reading seeking work in the N.Berks area.

    Good evening all, I am seeking any work opportunity to help me make a career change to become a fully qualified electrician. To begin achieving this goal, I will be starting a Level 2 electrical installation course in 2 weeks time at Langley College. I have my own transport, am ready to start...
  10. M

    Electricians Mate Electrician's with mates wanted for Central London sites.

    Afternoon all. I'm currently looking for 2 ECS gold card electricians with mates at the moment for two of our sites. First site is based in Friday Street near st pauls cathedral (ec4m) The job itself is the commercial fit out of the financial times building. Monday to Friday 7:30am to 4:30pm...
  11. M

    Electrician Electrician's Required - Near O2 Arena In London

    Currently looking for Electricians for a commercial project in Central London, about a five minute walk from the O2 arena. £21phr - 3 month contract This project requires that Electrician's hold their IPAF certificate. Will be working on a new build commercial space for a well known retail...
  12. P

    Looking for a job as an Electrician's Mate in Sussex, Surrey area

    Hi, I have recently obtained C&G Level 2 2365 and 17th edition wiring regs. I am starting the Level 3 2365 on Monday and will hopefully finish in the 1st week in September. I am looking for a job as an electrician's mate, with a start date around the second week of September 2017. I...
  13. P

    Electricians Mate Electrician's mate looking for work in South Wales area

    Hello everyone, I have C&G 2330 in electrical installations level 2 & 3 which I did in college a few years ago. I've recently signed up to an online college to do a full scope electrician's course so I'm looking to get some experience. I completed the ECS H&S test last month and had 44/45 but...
  14. S

    Electricians Mate Electrician's mate needed in Glasgow ASAP

    Mate needed in Glasgow for 1 week asap for rewire job. More work available on regular basis, have regular local contracts. Must be self employed Must be CIS etc
  15. R

    What's Your opinion on this?

    Hi folks, I was just curious to know what the most important and attractive attributes would be for you when considering taking on a new electricians mate? I have listed the ones I can think of below. It would be really interesting to know how different electricians in the industry rank their...
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