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  1. telectrix

    actual job ad. come off indeed.

    Time served Qualified Electrician Sort preferable with industrial, commercial and domestic experience, to have their own tools and to have own transport, to have completed by a recognised apprenticeship and to live within a 14 mile radius of St Helens, minimum wage to start with and to proven...
  2. telectrix


    this came in today. might be of interest. Electricians X 10 - 201260992 | CV-Library
  3. G

    PV work and where

    many ppl getting into this? is there much work to be had and is so where in the country are u based, around north wales its not really happening (apart from on council houses)
  4. P

    looking for comp ex work

    am lookin for industrial petrochemical etc comp ex work or some connections to message as ive been out the country for 3 years
  5. S

    Fused GU10

    OK, so I read up about using fused GU10s with dimmers to avoid the dimmer being taken out when the lamp dies. Indeed there are some suppliers that state that particular GU10s are "dimmable" which I assume means they have the fuse in them. But how do I know by looking at the lamp? I have...
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