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  1. S

    Electrical layout

    Can someone help me with the layout of the electrical?
  2. T

    UK 18th edition Exam layout

    Hi all. Currently awaiting to sit the 18th edition exam however I am doing the Exam Only as opposed to the course & exam. Could anyone tell me if the layout of exam includes the part of the book beside the question? I've included two pictures of the same question for reference, is the...
  3. G

    Do you think can be Electrical Layout diagrams automated?

    Hello everybody, Could you give me an opinion, if the automation of electrical plans can be possible? Because in practice every machine or industrial process has so many options. Here is a link, how should automation look like: Thanks, Gasper
  4. C

    Electrical Layout diagrams

    Afternoon, I need to create an electrical layout plan for a factory with around 30 DB’s. What software would be best to use, I have AutoCAD electrical but that seems more for electrical control panels etc. Currently I’m using AutoCAD and just drawing all the DB’s, but is there any free...
  5. C

    emergency lighting layout drawings

    Is there any software that will enable a rough drawing of a building layout which can combine photo metric data? Possibly a free software from a lighting manufacturer?
  6. A

    Plan Layout Software

    hi all, I am an electrician and i mostly work on homes and apartments from shell form. Can someone tell me an easy software to plan the lightning and power circuits neatly so i can provide them to the clients in a professional way. Thanks in advance
  7. J

    Trainee NVQ HELP struggling to find a layout

    Hi iam in the last year of my college and there’s a big push to get finished and qualified only problem is we haven’t had any tutors for over a year and nobody has started their portfolio. Is there anyone with a finished one or have some helpful information of how to complete it in as little...
  8. J

    What programme to create electrical layout drawings??

    Hi I'm looking for a reasonably priced or free programme that I can upload layout drawings to and then be able to insert electrical symbols (i.e sockets, switches, lights etc). I've been searching high and low but can't seem to find anything thats not around £1000. Thanks!
  9. V

    Help with Nvq 2357 layout and wording

    Hi everyone, My name is Chris, I am currently doing my nvq level 3, as with usual city in guilds they word everything so genericly, that half the time you don't know what they are asking, I was wondering if anybody had a completed portfolio I could take a beak at to know...
  10. J

    New build timber framed problem

    Hi everyone, Thought I'd post here to see if any of you have wired new builds single storey, no loft with foil back insulation. Its a high spec new build - downlights, data cables, speakers wires etc I have attached a pic of the ceiling which has just been finished. The problems i've got...
  11. J

    Re wiring similar sensor and not sure which pins to use - HELP

    Hey everybody! I am working with a camera sensor with a very poor documentation. Right now i have it all wire correctly to my sensor but i wish to change it to a different sensor from the same family of the base ic. The pinouts list of the original sensor and the new one i wished to use are...
  12. L

    DNO Application Form Help

    Morning, I'm filling in the DNO application form (Northern Power Grid) and got to the final pages where it is asking for a site layout plan. Has anyone else provided site layout plans? If so have you used a website like ordinance survey or is there free versions out there??
  13. I

    Solar Grid Design

    I'm trying to design a layout with a solar cell and 2 devices connected the deign consists of a solar panel,laptop charger and powermat(which is used to charge cellphones).I need to know if i have a necessary components in place or is it missing I made three designs and i'm trying to figure out...
  14. A

    Light Switch Wiring.

    Hello, A friends of mine took off the light switches and cannot remember how to wire them back up, so really looking for some help. Instead of trying to describe the layout etc, i thought it would be easier in a diagram. The lay out is here...
  15. T

    City and Guilds 2330-302/303 Level 3

    Hi, I have looked through the forums for an answer to a question that i have and have found a big amount of info but nothing exact to what im looking for. I am currently on the 2330-302/303 Level 3 and im stuck on the layout. Im not sure how to write the layout for the question. Does anyone...
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