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  1. S

    Western Power massive supply fee

    I have applied for a 15kva single phase supply on my site. There is a 11kV 3 phase service in the verge. The soil is light/sandy with crops/grass. Western Power have quoted £27,000 for a pole mounted transformer installation saying that I need to dig 135m for 3x70mm2 earth for the 11kV and 120m...
  2. Dan

    Massive thanks from me for your patience peeps :D

    I have to say thanks for your patience during this forum upgrade lark. Out of the three forums, you've kicked off the least lol I know it's weird when buttons move, colours change, font sizes change. And also bigger changes such as tags being removed and / or added. And then me just storming...
  3. M

    Massive damage. Neutral fault

    I work for an FM company, we’ve just taken on a brand new refitted and rewired premises. There is a 3phase DB supplying sockets into which there were loads of electronic equipment which has suffered multiple failures. The DB is supplied via 4pole contactor which is switching the Neutral. It’s a...
  4. sparky1508

    Investigation on massive electricity bills

    Hi all, This morning I visited a new client who needs me to find out why there bills are so high. At the moment I can only give a quick rundown of the installation as it was just a general chit chat about the issue. I will be going back to do some proper investigation in a week or so. This is an...
  5. M

    Know of any websites to revise from to help with 2330 L2 and 2391 L3?

    I know of swindon massive but the colours are really distracting. I better start revising now because the tests coming up are much harder than the 201 & 202 online.
  6. P

    Big thank you to Elecsa

    Having spoken to Jean at Elecsa she has confirmed they will be donating some items next week towards the fund and will update when we know what is coming. a massive thank you again and what a fabulous response we have had.
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