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  1. Gavin John Hyde

    Useful connectors from toolstation

    A few months ago Johnward did a youtube video of the fake chinese wagos, some were straight through ones of dubious quality. Well it seems Inline (usually decent company) are now making 32 amp rated 3 pole straight through connectors, sold in toolstation. actually look alright and would...
  2. J

    Cheepo toolstation sockets

    Hi just wandering if there is anything wrong with cheepo toolstation sockets. They are switched and like £2.50 for double sockets but I see some more expensive. Surely they must meet standards?
  3. H

    LED replacements

    Okay, this is probably going to be a really stupid question, but I'm hoping someone can point out my error. We have spotlights all over our house, and they are all fitted with this model bulb: TP24 LED 3W Lamp 8722 SMD NEW Replaces 2886 Long Neck GU10 LED Bulb | eBay Not wanting to pay £8 a...
  4. S

    LED Narrow Beam spotlight?

    Hope someone can help I'm looking for narrow beam LED spotlights for replacement into Gu10 or MR16 fittings Osram do a product called 'Halospot' which has a beam angle of 8 degrees, though I'm struggling to find an LED equivalent. Dont wanna use halogens as they'll be fitted at high level...
  5. S

    Earth rod inspection pit keys

    On a job today and this pit is in position Toolstation > Electrical > Accessories > Earth Pit Plastic does anyone know where to get the keys for them, as I couldn't open it, it hasn't been opened for a long time and yet a full inspection was carried out in January for the sites ecr.
  6. M

    Identify this board?

    Hi Does anyone recognise this? (Poor shot by surveyor) What MCBs would fit?
  7. I

    New Job with a new problem - electronic ear defenders

    Firstly I am glad to say I am back in work as an engineer WOOO!!!!!! Kinda happy about that. Am needing some new ear defenders, and someone must have come across a pair. One of the factories I work in is noisy, not hugely, but enough that ear defenders are a good idea if in there for more...
  8. R

    SDS+ drill at Lidl for £35

    Just got an email from Lidl (yes, I am on their mailing list, especially for things like this) and from Thursday they have a Parkside SDS plus drill and bits for £35. I know Parkside are not the greatest of tools, but at this price, who cares about that? Check out the video here Think I...
  9. sparky3366

    Spirado draw wires

    Does anyone know a supplier of spirado draw wires? I cant seem to find a supplier for them anywhere...
  10. R

    Bosch GBH 24VMD

    Toolstation are doing these for £315. and they have 24 left. It is about time I invested in some professional power tool(s) - my current tools are what might be classed as DIY type makes and models. I have heard that Bosch are very good, and think the above offer from Toolstation sounds good...
  11. G

    Outdoor lockable socket

    Hi guys, I know someone can point me in the right direction with this, I'm looking to put an outdoor socket to serve my drive [power washer, garden tools etc] and lockable so as not to give free electric to the street but I can't seem to track one down anywhere. Anyone help?
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