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  1. James

    Birmingham or coventry

    I am on the lookout for a reliable spark to sub work on to when I am to busy to deal with it all. Mainly light industrial work. Let me know if you are interested.
  2. D

    Hello everyone, anybody know how to apply for the Birmingham nightingale hospital jobs

    They must need electrician to wire it all up
  3. A

    Any Electrical work experience available in Birmingham , West midlands area?

    I am looking to gain Electrical experience in the industry . I have completed my diploma level 3 2365 and will be completing my AM2 in summer time but l will require work experience to complete my NVQ and l am willing to work for free to gain work experience however if someone is willing to take...
  4. W

    Electricians Mate Looking for Employment as Electricians mate around Birmingham (west midlands area)

    Hi there, I recently completed my level 3 diploma in electrical installations and bs7671 18th edition regulations. I am looking to be taken on soon as an electricians mate or trainee. My goal is complete my nvq portfolio and work towards my gold card. Any help/advice would be very much...
  5. Jay 1987

    Looking for mentor/supervisor for whole house rewire in Birmingham

    Hello everyone My name is jay and I’m from the trainee section of this website. I have spoken to respected memebers from this forum and have been advised to create and send this message. Please don’t bite my head off or give silly non sensical answers, as I may get things wrong . (Thanks in...
  6. C

    Trainee Looking for Experience - Birmingham Area

    Hi Currently I'm working in a warehouse as an order packer which is amazingly exciting :rolleyes:. I'm looking for on-site experience as an electrician's mate around the Birmingham area. I've completed my levels 2 & 3 at college and obtained my ECS card along the way. I'll be looking to get my...
  7. P

    Anybody got any work going in and around the birmingham area i am an improver

    Anbody got any work going for an impover in and around the birmingham area?
  8. A

    My experience of the AM2 taken at Birmingham

    Hi guys I’m new to this site however just thought I’d give my best explanation of what the AM2 was like. If this is in the wrong forum I’m very sorry as I’m not sure what to put it in. tia Birmingham AM2 The week before the am2 I had a refresher day. This was basically just half a day of going...
  9. DeanoRN

    Commercial desperately Looking for experience after completing lvl 3 2365. (west midlands)

    Hi all, ok before i start, i have another thread i made back in January but i have no idea how to delete it but since then a few things have changed so i decided to make a new thread. Anywho as the title suggests i am looking to gain experience in the commercial/industrial sector, i have just...
  10. B

    Best place to find work in the midlands/ south Birmingham area?

    as above, I’ve got loads of contacts over the years but all London based and none have any connection with the Midlands, getting a bit long in the tooth for working away now and change of circumstances mean I’ve got a chance to come back to south brum, as I’ve always worked by word of mouth I...
  11. J

    Electricians Mate Looking for mates work in Birmingham

    Hi everyone! I've done my 17th edition and part p, I have been doing some work with different sparks but nothing regular. Any sparks out there are willing to take me on¿ I live in Birmingham and have my own transport. Also, any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks
  12. J

    Hi Newbie Domestic Installer here looking for spark to work with in B'ham

    Hi everyone! I've recently done my 17th edition and part p. Any sparks out there are willing to take me on¿ I live in Birmingham and have my own transport. Also, any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  13. L

    Looking For Work/contact's In Birmingham.

    Hello my names luke, I'm 25 and I'm new to this forum. I am a time served JIB Gold carded electrician with 7 years experience. My experience is mainly on comercial and industrial new builds/refurbishments. I'm moving to Birmingham around mid September and I am looking for contacts of agencies...
  14. L

    Need Help From Sparks In Birmingham.

    Hello my names luke, I'm 25 and I'm new to this forum. Not sure if this next bit is in the correct section of this forum... I am a time served JIB Gold carded electrician with 7 years experience. My experience is mainly on comercial and industrial new builds/refurbishments. I currently live...
  15. Lee Gold

    If your from birmingham

    Anyone from birmingham that knows of any colleges for adults that do evening courses in electrical installation that work around shifts? I mean I work 1:30-22:00 1 week then 08:00-16:30 the next week does anyone know if colleges work around this or don't they do them? Thanks
  16. G

    Burglar Alarm Installers

    Hi All, Was wondering if anyone in or around the Birmingham area would be able to quote for a new alarm install, would be a hardwired system. Please reply/send a message if you can. Thanks
  17. C

    Quick job for Birmingham sparky

  18. M

    2392 Birmingham

    Hi I have MEng. degree in electrical engineering and looking forward to develop further understanding. I am based in Birmingham and currently have approval for two courses C&G 2392 and 2382. Can I request all experts here to provide some guidance on Training centre in Birmingham Any past...
  19. telectrix


    anyone had dealings with tradetek? seems to be subbing for minor repairs and call-outs. suppose a bit like homecare/homeserve set up.
  20. SolarCity

    Solar Energy UK, Birmingham

    Anyone going? We'll be there but not sure which day yet.
  21. T

    Birmingham student needing experience (electricians mate/ apprenticeship)

    Hello i am currently doing my level 2 city and guilds 2365 , i am at college two days a week so i am willing to work around college and weekends if it is part of the job. I am located in Birmingham and have a moped and i am willing to travel.I will work voluntarily or gladly be someones...
  22. C

    Electrical Test Services (Birmingham)

    Just did my 2391 with these guys and can't speak highly enough of them. Excelent course, John and Steve know their onions ;) Will be using again. Electrical Training - Home
  23. C

    PTS Course in Birmingham or Midlands

    I know this could have gone in the Courses section, just thought it might get more notice here. Considering the PTS Certificate as know New Street will be ongoing for a while. This was also advised to me on here. Can anybody throw some light on local training providers that come recommended? Did...
  24. S

    C&G 2399 Birmingham

    Hi guys, im looking to get my C&G 2399 qualification, looking to do this in Birmingham so just wondering if anyone knew any places who run this qualification? or if you have any recommendations. Thanks
  25. M

    Anyone need an electrican mate in Birmingham/west mods

    Hi I'm a fully qualified domestic installer, past my exams in April and currently seeking some more experience and also earn some money so I can afford tester equipment and membership fees I have worked as a electricans mate on a total re-wire of an empty property and I have also installed...
  26. M

    Birmingham New Street?

    Is anyone working on this rail project at the moment. Ive got a start thursday night for 8 weeks working for Mace. Was told its 10pm till 6am but assuming its engineering hours but i would expect to be leaving at 4 and starting at 12 lol. Hope its not this new ******** of signing in at 10 and...
  27. A


    Hi Guys new on here but for your information There is an event at NEC Birmingham on all week have a look here- free registration and entry to a wealth of Security, Fire alarm and CCTV suppliers. The link is here IFSEC International 2012 - Commercial Security | Fire Safety | Exhibition...
  28. S

    Solar pv electricians required birmingham

    We are looking for qualified pv electricians , for work in the birmingham area. Plenty of work available. Please contact. James @ its ...............01384 473950
  29. R

    Looking for an apprentaship Birmingham Northfield area

    Hi, i'm new to these forums so i appologise if this is in the wrong section. Basically i have been looking to getting into the electrical trade for 6 months now and i am finding it really difficult, i left school with 6 gcse's and i was told that i only need 3 gcse's to get into the raf and do...
  30. S

    Attending InstallerLive Exhibition NEC Birmingham?

    Hi Guys, If any of you are attending the InstallerLive exhibition from Sunday 16th to Wednesday 19th, please come and say hello to us (Sunlec Power) at stand 634 of the MCS section - just mention you are from this forum We also have a manager from Linuo with us for support, so if anyone has...
  31. H

    Looking for experience around Birmingham

    Hi Sparkys I'm Harry and just recently started the EAL 2330 L2. Loving it so far! I was just googling 'electrician forum' and came across this website which seems to be the most popular forum for sparkys by a long way! Anyhow, unfortunately I do not have much experience and therefore looking...
  32. T

    Any Solar Installers around Coventry/Birmingham/Tamworth area?

    Hi. Just wondering if there any installers around the midlands area that wouldn't mind a volunteer coming along on a few installations? I'm a fully qualified electrician, just starting out self employed and I'm wondering whether or not to get into the solar side of things but I've read that it...
  33. P

    Solar PV Training Birmingham

    I have been working on a sub contract basis a few days a week the past month installing PV systems for a large contractor and have decided that I would like to advance further in the field and get my own MCS accreditation. I think the upto date C&G to start me on my way is the 2399, can anyone...
  34. S

    2392 course in Birmingham

    Hi, I will be doing my 2392 the end of this month. I have not touched a test meter for about 8 - 9 years since doing my am2. i just wanted to know what the course involved i.e practical wise? Is there anything i could do with brushing up on before the course? or will the course cover...
  35. R

    Wants Electricians Mate or Electrical engineers Mate Job In Birmingham

    Hi Mark here, i'm 18 and looking for a temporary job around the Birmingham area as either an electricians mate or electrical/electronic engineers mate for around 9 months or less. I have a National Diploma level 3 in electrical and electronic engineering. Experience with electrical work assiting...
  36. I

    looking for work in telford wolverhampton birmingham

  37. H

    Birmingham Electrical Training

    This course has been developed in association with theNational Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC)...
  38. H

    Birmingham Electrical Training

    Hello everyone. my names Hayley and i work for Birmingham Electrical Training we provide work based learning in electrical installation and supports over 300 apprentices with a 73% success rate. If you would like to hear more about apprenticeships and how to recruit an apprentice please visit...
  39. K

    Reactfast Training Centre - Birmingham

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone on here has completed, or is in the process of completing, this company's 6 week intensive electrical training course? They are based in Birmingham city centre and the course costs about £4,500, including megger tester and tools. There are no more than 8...
  40. H

    Birmingham Commercial Training - 17th Edition Courses

    :cool: GET IN TOUCH :p:: :o CONTACT HAYLEY :) :: :D City & Guilds 2382-10 17th Edition of the BS 7671:2008 (4 day course) This course is designed for practising Electricians and Electrical Contractors to ensure that they are conversant with the Application of the BS 7671: 2008, content and...
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