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  1. D

    Electrical Improver/Mate Looking for work Bristol

    Hi all, I am 27 and at college on evenings two nights a week doing my Level 2 EAL Electrical Installation course paid for by myself. With the goal of completing Level 3 by Mid 2021. I have an ECS Card, Van, Tools and registered self employed, I will purchase insurances once I have secured a...
  2. happyhippydad

    Where to do 18th exam only in Gloucestershire or Bristol?

    My assessor has this time said I must do the 18th, managed to get away with it last year but not so lucky this year. I'm not interested in spending £400 on course telling me how to read a book so I will just do the exam only. So far I can only find one place near(ish) me that is charging £132...
  3. Pete999

    Bath legends v Bristol Legends

    Camerabloke sent me a message, Sept 1st these two clubs will play a charity Match at Colerne RFC Sorry no more detailsm will post when I gat any more info thanks to Camerabloke
  4. C

    Domestic Looking for work in Bristol

    Hi everyone. My name's Callum and I'm 30 years old. I've just moved to Bristol and I'm looking for work. I've got my own van and tools with my level 2&3 Diploma and 18th Edition. Available for an immediate start. If you're busy please don't hesitate to PM me.
  5. Gavin John Hyde

    interesting electrical fire in Yate nr Bristol

    Just read an interesting albeit brief story on a fire in Bristol. Looks as if the DNO cut out caught fire. its rare for a cut out to go up,more likely a loose wire on one of the tails to or from meter. looking at the images the incoming supply has been cut back and nothing is left. i like the...
  6. B

    Trainee Electrician work in Bristol

    Trainee with 18 months experience looking for work in and around Bristol. Working at the moment but looking to widen my experience in a different industry.
  7. Kjb Electrical

    Looking for work in the gloucestershire and bristol areas

    hi all, I am looking for work in the Gloucestershire and Bristol areas, mainly Domestic and Commercial work Many thanks Kieran
  8. Gavin John Hyde

    Police recover stolen tools in bristol - Are they yours?

    My local paper are running a story from Avon and Somerset police trying to reunite the owner with there stolen tools.. Tools are from the Bristol area. Guessing they belonged to a fellow electrician as the video shows a megger MFT and some Makita tools amongst other. What power tools were...
  9. S

    Looking for trainee position in or around Bristol

    I'm 29 years old, I have worked in retail since school, its paid just enough to get by but that's as far as it goes. I have a young family and want to be able to give them much more than I am currently able to. After a lot of saving and sacrificing I paid to do an EAL level 2 evening course back...
  10. A

    Electrician Quote for Solar PV upgrade: Solaredge + optimisers NE of Bristol

    Quote for Solar PV upgrade: Solaredge + optimisers NE of Bristol After consideration of the pros and cons, I have decided to upgrade my current inverter to the Solaredge 3.6kW with x16 power optimisers. Primarily it is because I like the idea of a 20 year warranty on the inverter (19 years...
  11. S

    Electricians Mate Bristol . Part time / casual work as electricians mate sought.

    Greetings everyone. Im posting here in the hope that someone out there could do with help a few days a week. Im starting a course with Morris services in kingswood in a couple of weeks. 15 weeks , 2 days a week ( course details below ). Following the course ill have to complete a portfollio...
  12. J

    In Bristol from Sept, have L2, studying L3 theory at home, looking to work and learn

    Hi, I am moving to Bristol around the end of August, I have level 2 electrical installation from Able Skills and currently studying the theory for level three. My plan is to work for someone and take the level three practical once I have some experience within the trade. I am a hard worker...
  13. T

    Stock and die 20mm/25mm wanted Bristol

    Anyone got a set for sale? Need it soon like within the next week. Otherwise I suppose I will hire instead. And any pointers of what is good and what is rubbish would be good. Thanks. Oh and in an ideal world I really need a conduit bender with threading vice as well if that is possible?
  14. Lou

    Ashfield Electrical Services

    Based in Bristol and operating throughout the Midlands and Southern Counties we provide a comprehensive service to our ever growing client base most of which have relied on us to deliver time and time again for many years. The team at Ashfield Electrical Services have over twenty years...
  15. B

    2x250W panels needed - south-west

    I'm getting the deadline-style no returned calls and lack of information. Does anyone sell panels close to Bristol that I could pick up myself? I only need 2x250W panels for an allotment irrigation project. The £55-£100 delivery charges I'm getting is eating into my quote!
  16. H

    Domestic Work required

    Mature Newly qualified Domestic installer. Looking to gain experience in the domestic environment within The Bristol area, ideally starting at the beginning of August. Will be prepared to work for minimal reimbursement whilst training to gain the knowledge I need. Rob.
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