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  1. Electrical2go

    CK Tools Giveaway - Tell us what your most essential tool is to enter

    We are giving away a set of CK Tools - Triton XLS Screwdrivers worth £20.00 For your chance to win, simply comment on this thread with Your favourite Sparky joke. (Keep it clean-ish) The professional quality Triton XLS Screwdriver is designed with tip type marking for easy identification, a...
  2. D

    Win some new CK Tools snips here

    C.K tools - Journal | Facebook - https://www.------------/cktoolsuk/photos/a.324737187541841.98358.276208699061357/1450200661662149/?type=3 Also on Twitter C.K tools on Twitter -
  3. DaveyD

    Ck Tools - best online shop

    Hi Im looking for this "premium" CK kit. CK Electricians Premium Tool Kit Screwfix dont have stock anywhere for £131.13inc vat advertised :rolleyes: . Local w/sale dont stock. Everywhere else I have googled is £25 on top. Anyone know where to look? Thanks in advance. Dave
  4. P

    a big thank you to CK tools

    Firstly i am nearly speechless with how well the companies have responded to my emails. Ck have donated a premium electricians tool kit with a retail price of nearly £300 here thank you to Charles Whitfield.what a fantastic response
  5. H

    CK tools kit

    Hi guys, Justed pass my VRQ exam last friday and i needed to buy some tools. Been searching around and i found this great offer from this web site tools kit for 99.95 + VAT ( free delivery ). Any suggestion much appreciate.:confused:
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