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  1. CKI:C.K-Tools

    Magnetic Bit Drivers

    Hi there, We're looking into the popularity of magnetic bit drivers, and if you have one in your toolbox: What do you think of them? Do you have one? If not, why not? Have you seen ones on site? Would an insulated bit driver be useful in your tool box? Let us know what you think! Thanks...
  2. G

    For Sale CK Tools and Stanley Tote Bags - For Sale

    For sale: CK Redline VDE Combi Cutters - £20 CK Redline VDE Pliers - £20 CK Wire Strippers - £12 CK Tool Roll - £10 Stanley Tool Tote - £25 Tools are like new, only bought as spares. Bags have seen some minor use but are in good condition! Happy to post if costs are covered, can arrange a bit...
  3. CKI:C.K-Tools

    Cable Routing Accessories

    Hi! We're currently looking into cable routing accessories, and would love to actually hear what the people who use them think! What is your favourite accessory? What is your least favourite accessory? An accessory you wished you had? Something you've been looking at but not bought for...
  4. Electrical2go

    CK Tools Giveaway - Tell us what your most essential tool is to enter

    We are giving away a set of CK Tools - Triton XLS Screwdrivers worth £20.00 For your chance to win, simply comment on this thread with Your favourite Sparky joke. (Keep it clean-ish) The professional quality Triton XLS Screwdriver is designed with tip type marking for easy identification, a...
  5. D

    Win some new CK Tools snips here

    C.K tools - Journal | Facebook - Also on Twitter C.K tools on Twitter -
  6. DaveyD

    Ck Tools - best online shop

    Hi Im looking for this "premium" CK kit. CK Electricians Premium Tool Kit Screwfix dont have stock anywhere for £131.13inc vat advertised :rolleyes: . Local w/sale dont stock. Everywhere else I have googled is £25 on top. Anyone know where to look? Thanks in advance. Dave
  7. P

    a big thank you to CK tools

    Firstly i am nearly speechless with how well the companies have responded to my emails. Ck have donated a premium electricians tool kit with a retail price of nearly £300 here thank you to Charles Whitfield.what a fantastic response
  8. H

    CK tools kit

    Hi guys, Justed pass my VRQ exam last friday and i needed to buy some tools. Been searching around and i found this great offer from this web site tools kit for 99.95 + VAT ( free delivery ). Any suggestion much appreciate.:confused:


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