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  1. T

    Electrical installation/condition reports in editable PDF form ?

    Anyone tell me where I can get editable PDF's (or in Word) for installation /condition reports. I find the paper ones too small and fiddly to fill in. Any help would be appreciated
  2. happysteve

    EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report): editable PDF based on IET Model form

    happysteve submitted a new resource: EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report): editable PDF based on IET Model form - Looks just like the IET model form... but you can edit, save and print it in any PDF viewer. Read more about this resource...
  3. happysteve

    Updates: new happysteve editable PDF forms (18th Edition)

    Happy New Year everyone! :) Not that I leave things to the last minute or anything, but... ;) For those like me who don't use software to fill out their EICs, EICRs and MEIWCs (or write them out by hand), I'm pleased to present updates to my fillable/editable PDF forms, now pretty much...
  4. bigspark17

    Editable h&s policy and risk assesments

    As per title does anyone have editable generic risk assesments and health and safety policy that they can post on here or pm me.. Thanks in advance :)
  5. happyhippydad

    Can anyone point me in the direction of an editable electronic EIC?

    Evening all.. I have an editable version of an EICR thanks to Murdoch and also a MWC thanks to Happysteve but I cannot find an EIC. I have looked at the Stroma ones and don't get on with them. Anyone? Cheers.
  6. M


    Hi all, just joined this evening
  7. Dan

    EICR - Editable Luminaire Sheet

    Dan submitted a new resource: EICR - Editable Luminaire Sheet - Editable Luminaire Sheet for Certification and Inspections Read more about this resource...
  8. G

    Emergency lighting periodic testing certificate

    Hi Guys was wondering if anyone had a editable certificate, had a search but could only find non editable ones! many thanks.
  9. D

    inputting data into IET test sheets on a PC

    Hey guys, Does anyone have or know of Excel and not PDF versions or something similar of the model BS7671 forms - specifically the EICR forms? I'm testing the communal areas in blocks of flats. Virtually all the data is identical bar the test results. Hand writing all the info is incredibly...
  10. M

    smoke alarm test certificates

    Hi everyone, can someone tell me where i can get blank smoke alarm certificates, NICEIC are asking me to fill these certs in. only place i can find them is the niceic shop. could someone post a copy or a blank form i can fill in on the pc please, thanks in advance
  11. S

    New PIR form

    Hello / morning I may be having a blonde moment, but when do we have to start using the new form for a PIR. Or can one continue with the exisiting for a bit, or is it a bit vague ...? Also I can't find the link to the new forms that's on this forum somewhere, if someone can point me I would be...
  12. Goody

    New editable PIR Form (in MS Office 2003 Word format)

    Hi Everyone, I have just designed an editable PIR Form (in MS Office 2003 Word format) and I have uploaded it as a PDF file for the members to go through and suggest any amendments. If people find it useful, I can upload it in editable format. Thanks for checking it. Cheers!
  13. keniff

    certificate software

    hi guys has any got/know of any decent free software for the computer to fill out test certificates, my handwriting is not the best and after 4 years of working for a firm im trying to start myself and feel the handwritten certs look a bit diy!! :)
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