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    ElectricalOM - Import from Tysoft EasyCert Video

    Watch how to import an electrical installation certificate or condiction report from Tysoft EasyCert, to create the ElectricalOM schematic model. Register for a free trial here: electricalom.com/site/free.php

    Modecsoft ElectricalOM 18th Edition - 18% discount!

    Happy New Year to you all! The 18th Edition is now officially in force. Our ElectricalOM Software is 18th Edition ready and we are offering all software licenses and add-ons with 18% discount until the end of January! Promo code: 18THEDITION The offer is valid until 31/01/2019 You can buy now...

    ElectricalOM 18th edition changes coming soon...!

    The new 18th Edition has arrived and the Modecsoft team has started implementing the new changes proposed. Our ElectricalOM Design Software will continue to support 17th Edition so the user can open projects carried out before the 18th edition. A 18th edition - beta testing version will be...

    ElectricalOM Software Video - How to create a domestic consumer unit

    Watch how you can model a domestic consumer unit in ElectricalOM Design Software

    ElectricalOM - See us at ED&I Expo this September!

    Just 2 weeks left until the start of the UK’s Newest Electrical Design & Install Show that will be held at NEC Birmingham on the 6th & 7th September 2017 and we will be there! Come and meet our specialists... Visit us at stand 120 and our team of specialists will be on hand to give live...

    ElectricalOM Software 30% Extra Summer Sale!

    Big summer saving! Enjoy your summer with a special gift to yourself and your business. Get extra 30% discount* on every new license purchase of ElectricalOM! To claim this discount just use code "SUMMER2017" during checkout. For any further information please contact the ElectricalOM team...
  7. juice

    design software

    I'm an experienced electrician who has recently passed the written exam of the level 4 NVQ design course. I still need to complete the design portfolio but this is not what I'm here for. I'm looking for some good software that is free if possible but not essential to use to design and present...

    Video - Cable size calculation example

    In this video tutorial we demonstrate the steps needed to complete a comprehensive and accurate single cable size calculation using ElectricalOM Software in accordance with BS7671 IET wiring regulations.
  9. J

    Electrical drawing software

    Hi team! At work, when the need arises, I use Eplan for electrical drawings but I am soon to undertake some side projects and need to put some drawings together. I don't have eplan at home, so have been looking at affordable alternatives and have been tinkering with edraw, but for the life of...

    ElectricalOM New Version Ready

    We have just released ElectricalOM Update 2017.01.31.01 with some great new features. Our main goal is to provide a powerful, fast & accurate software for domestic, commercial and industrial low voltage electrical design. At this point we would like to thank the users who provide valuable...
  11. joebell25

    Discrimination headache!!!

    Thought I'd try out this ElectricalOM software for a new installation I'm designing. However come up with abit of an issue with the discrimination on 2 of the devices. Single phase sub feed from DB2 (60898 type c 63A 10kA) to DB3, Final circuit from DB3 (61009 30mA 32A type c 10kA RCBO) Time v...
  12. A

    Electrical OM software

    Has anyone else used this software? Seems pretty good tbf but seem to be unable to spec rcds amd rcbos... Am I going wrong somewhere?
  13. P

    Help needed! .. Design question anyone care to help?

    hello just couple questions regarding my my design exams.. 1. A 230V single phase circuit is protected by a circuit breaker with RCD (RCBO). justify witch component part of the device would operate for the following faults .. a. line to earth fault 2.3 ohms b. line to neutral fault 0.01 ohms...

    50% OFF - ElectricalOM Cyber Monday Sale!

    SUPER CRAZY MONDAY SALE! Get 50% OFF on every new license purchase! Use the code CMONDAY2016 at checkout. *Valid until Nov, 28, 11:59 pm GMT. Please contact the ElectricalOM team at [email protected] for further information.
  15. T

    software for mapping electrical (commercial) installation

    Anyone know of software to produce schematics of distribution boards and circuits plus sub mains etc.?

    Official release of ElectricalOM Electrical Design Software - Check out some of the new features

    We are pleased to announce the official release of ElectricalOM, and we think you're going to be very pleased with the results. ElectricalOM continues Modecsoft's proud tradition of creating robust software for the Electrical Engineering industry. The team has been hard at work through this...
  17. G

    Computer program for single lines

    Anyone know of a good computer program for creating single line diagrams of power systems? For something like this for example:
  18. Leesparkykent

    Hollycroft software

    Wondering if anyone uses the above software? I'm particularly interested in the rams section. If you do use it, how do you find it? Cheers. Produce Electrical Certificates, Risk Assessments and Renewables Certification quickly - http://www.hollycroftsoftware.co.uk/index.html
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