1. K

    a good quality LockOut /Tagout kit?

    Hi Guys, can anybody recommend a very good quality Safety Lockout/Tagout kit?
  2. R

    Lockout for recessed 480 plug?

    Anybody ever come across a lockout device for recessed/flanged ac plugs? Looking for one that will work with 480v twist lock. Thanks
  3. Lister1987

    Best way to build a lockout/tagout kit?

    Tool purchase for this month is looking to be a LOTO kit as I don't have one currently. Whats the best way to cover bases? Buy a pre made kit (budget ~£40) or build piece by piece? I'm open to suggestions & sources.
  4. The Flyinhos

    Cheap MCB lockout devices

    Had these arrive today, thought it was quite a bargain. 10x lockouts for £9.00 including VAT and delivery. Thought they maybe cheap n nasty, but pleasantly surprised. Can't knock em for the money. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07FDZNTG2?ref_=pe_3187911_264767211_E_301_dt_1
  5. Zack McCoo

    Commercial and Industrial Lockout Kits

    Hey guys, lockout kits. What sort of lockout equipment do i need for commercial and Industrial work? Cheers, Zack.
  6. gnuuser

    lockout tagout and twits!

    today an over zealous manager wanted to write me up for not having the required plug cover on a j cord (all being used more on order) anyhow where i was working i had the plug beneath me (sitting on it) so there was no way anyone could plug it in so it was under control and was tagged as the...
  7. mechelec

    Safe isolation lockout kit and bootlace ferrule crimping pliers

    Safe isolation lockout kit and kewtchnik bootlace ferrule crimping pliers both listed on fleabay if anyone is interested crimping plieres listing no 180622236700 lockout kit listing no 180622241878
  8. P

    lockout for 3036 board main switch

    Hi I have seen all the lock off devices for mcb's and their main switch but does anyone know of one that will fit the main switch on the old 3036 distribution board


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