1. happyhippydad

    Pete's threads.... ooops, I mean this reminds me of Pete.... or perhaps Tel!

    Pete can't post all the clips, here's one I came across! I like the chap. A cross between Pete and Tel perhaps :D I think you need to have had a few beers as it goes on for a bit.
  2. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Holesaw tips, perhaps you weren't aware of

  3. happyhippydad

    Thought I would say a Happy new year to everyone!

    Happy New year everyone. I do hope you have all had a good Christmas. I personally am happy that all the mayhem has died down and things are getting back to normal! I must say I have not spent as much time on the site since it has changed. I can't put my finger on why not. It just doesn't seem...
  4. D

    Bridging the gap, furry style

    Afternoon all, Just about to work on upstairs sockets but thought I'd share this little experience with you from earlier today when we reconnected a cooker. Saw a curious bit of something sticking out of the wall, took the front off ....
  5. Dan

    Iec 61850 Confrence 2016 Europe

    Anybody going to this Confrence? Do you guys do this sort of thing? Anybody go any other exhibitions or events? Perhaps we have a calendar type thing on the forum and all whack them in? Perhaps even start meeting at a few for food...
  6. T

    Trouble finishing training

    Hi everyone, Hoping for some advice here. Situation is that I decided to retrain at 27 and due to mortgage and bills I could not afford to take 3+ years as an apprentice on very low wages. I took the decision to take a number of courses at Able Skills in Dartford and use my savings to pay...
  7. happyhippydad

    Is this work notifiable?

    Morning.... I usually have a very clear idea over what is notifiable and what is not, but I'm not sure with this one! If a consumer unit is fed from the main consumer unit, is the change of just the 2nd CU notifiable? I realise the 'new' part P states 'change of consumer unit' as notifiable...
  8. S

    Spons or Luckins guides

    Just wondering which and why folk are using?. Am aware plenty of folk don't use them... Am interested in labour times, wastage etc. Fine on material costs. Have an old Spons book - 2006 - i presume labour 'time' should still be comparable? Also, after a quick google i only saw Amtec selling...
  9. uksparks

    Bell Transformer

    Hi, Anyone know which bell transformer I can get to fit in this board?
  10. happyhippydad

    My first EICR - A little help with coding required!!

    Evening all.. I have just finished my first EICR! It took a LONG time (10 hours in total - not including writing up the report which I am doing now with a cup of coffee!) There were many, many faults/problems and I have coded most of them but am stuck with 5 of them and was hoping for some...
  11. B

    new supply been put today to new building ,NO EARTH

    Hi avery1 new supply to new 3bed house ,waited 3 months ,came to connect but no earth,what can i do:sad:
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