1. Noaksie

    Robin KTS1620 MFT Surplus to requirements

    I have a Robin KTS1620 MFT that I no longer require. A1 condition with all leads and original case. Needs new calibration certificate. Perfect working order. Contact me if interested.
  2. Prytaneion

    Robin 4112 Phase Earth Loop Tester

    Hi Y'all, Any kind sparky know where I can get a manual for a Robin 4112 Earth Loop Imp Tester? Tried all the usual with no luck. Thanks guys.
  3. K

    ROBIN SMARTPAT 5000 user manual

    Hi all , I have the tester above and have lost the user guide which I need to give to my apprentice any help please
  4. I

    Robin apologue MM cal/repair?

    My old trusted Robin OM70 MM has developed a fault. Reading AC&DC v the needle is going across to max on any test. other functions are working. I spend less time in the UK need to line this up on my next visit in advance of for a service place and unable to find anything online, any help...
  5. W

    Robin KTS 1620 Replacement Fuse

    I am just starting out, and acquired an old Robin KTS 1620 Multifunction tester to practice. It has a blown fuse soldered to the mainboard and labelled F2. I have not been able find a wiring schematic for the device, there are no visible values shown on the remanants of the fuse. I just wanted...
  6. DaveHsussex

    Wanted - Printer or IRDA Adaptor for Robin 1630

    Anyone have a Thermal Printer or IRDA Adapter for a Robin 1630 in their loft? £Sensible 07456617999 David
  7. BigSpark

    Fluke 1654b with robin leads

    Evening all, I've just purchased a Fluke 1654B Mft, and on further inspection I've realized it has been supplied with fused Robin test leads (which after some research is standard for older versions of 1654b, i think????) so not as bothered as i first was. I'm wondering if these leads are still...
  8. W

    testers for sale

    robin mft ks1620 mft robin kmp4116dl digital loop robin kmp4118 digital psc-loop comes with two sets of leads carry bag £550 kewtech kt60 combi tester loop-psc-rcd kewtech kt35 insulation-continuity tester all leads carry bag £550 megger cm200 allleads carry bag £100 can send pics requested
  9. P

    Testing equipment??

    Hello all, I've recently went self-employed and I'm on the hunt for cheapish test equipment (for domestic use)? I don't want to be spending a fortune, as I will only be using it occasionally. I would even consider buying second hand, but I thought I would ask for a bit of advice, thank you! Phil
  10. R

    Replacement Fluke 1652 leads

    Anyone got any recommendations on what replacement leads I should get? The ones I'm using at the moment is the old robin ones and the croc clips are pants. Wished I'd of got a megger but I've used a fluke since college. When I get enough cash together think I'll invest in one.
  11. N

    RCD tripping while Zs

    Hi guys, what would cause an RCD to trip when carrying out a Zs test, it is a lighting circuit in a new build house and I have it on the "no trip" setting and it still trips the RCD, the RCD itself passed the RCD tests and the IR is 800Mohms so that's fine, I even even replaced the RCD but the...
  12. M

    Robin are resurected by Fluke Group

    All electricians rejoice! Fluke group appear to have been listening to comments on forums like ours, lamenting the demise of the Robin testers. Robin testers are back on the market, new design testers marketed under the Robin/Amprobe banner. Lets hope this just the start of the changes...
  13. dez0178

    Wanted Robin continuity/I R or MFT

    Hi, I am looking to buy a Robin MFT or Continuity/ Insulation Resistance Tester, if the price is reasonable let me know, I will also pay for the postage if the price is ok. Cheers. Derry0178.
  14. W

    Earth loop testing

    Anyone got any ideas why my Robin KMP 4120 tester trips a 30mA/32A RCBO I have tested the RCBO wirth an RCD tester and this check out fine
  15. S

    Megger Accessories

    Hey all. Hope everyone is enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend. Weather here is rubbish but hey ho. Anyway, I have a Megger MFT 1553. Brilliant bit of kit in my mind and to accompany it I have the Kewtech Lightmate BC adaptor for doing Zs test at end of line. This saves time and means you don’t...
  16. K

    Testing times

    Guys not having a lot of testing exp im looking for a cheapish tester that will do PFC and Ze readings doesnt need to have RCD test im in Scotland so part p doesnt matter. Cheers
  17. S

    Testing Ze using robin tester

    Hi recently purchursed a robin kmp 4116dl. It's came with no instructions so unsure testing Ze if it's a 2 or 3 lead instrument. Thanks in advance
  18. M

    Wanted, calibration service in Hull Area.

    Hi all and happy new year.. Anybody know of a calibration service in or around the Hull area. My Megger 1553 needs testing. Thanks in Advance.. Mike.
  19. G

    Is Robin now Fluke?

    Went to the robin site Welcome to Robin Electronics looking for specs on the KTS 1610 that i can pick up fairly cheap, seems to direct you to a fluke site promoting their testers. Strange - or have I been drinking too much? :D
  20. B

    MF tester and other meters for sale

    Alphatek 7040 multi function meter in the box with manual and rubber holster. A couple of years old but was only fired up to try it when bought and put back in the box. I went into retirement mode and never used it again. From memory it was around £125.00 so I suppose around £30.00 would be a...
  21. D

    Robin MF tester wanted

    Long shot I know, I'm after a robin 1630 multifunction tester, using one at college, getting on really well with it. Or does anyone know of one for sale somewhere else:D Many thanks Steve
  22. R

    Robin kts 1620 Manual

    Hi can anyone help me please !!!. i have acquired a robin kts 1620 tester ....minus the manual (doohh!!) many thanks PS great forum by the way:) just got one e-mailed to me today from robin after reading someone else did the same if anyone else needs one let me know
  23. A

    robin kmp 4116 loop tester manual

    Hi all, looking for a copy of the robin kmp 4116 user manual,if anyone can help, it would be much appreciated,thanks.
  24. T

    Kewtech KT64, Megger 1552, CM500 or what in Part P Testers

    Hi Everyone, At the moment I'm merely a plumber:), but will be taking my Part P in 2008. Any advise on a suitable tester which must be reliable but not really flashy i.e. Megger 1553 as I don't intend to be doing electrical work, just fitting boilers and associated spurs. Cheers Tim
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