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  1. P

    151 White Silicone Sealant...

    I hate having to open a large tube of silicone sealant to do a little bit of filling/sealing. Invariably the next time you go to the tube its gone off and needs to be binned. A while ago, I found that Poundland do small 70g tubes of white 151 Silicone Sealant as below: 151 White Bath & Shower...
  2. Dan

    Best silicone? (for bathroom)

    Best silicone? (for bathroom) advice reviews and feedback 2017 Can anyone recommend the best silicone sealant there is/you have used that is highly flexible/good quality/mould resistant and will last for a long time? Don't care about the... Best silicone? (for bathroom) Are you a DIYer? find a...
  3. Dan

    New silicone profile tool

    New silicone profile tool advice reviews and feedback 2017 Picked these up today... View attachment 88050 Are you a DIYer? find a free diy advice websitehere. Plumber in the making? find a plumbing advice website for the UK including plumbing pictures and more. Tilers about? tiling advice...
  4. Dan

    Silicone gun

    Silicone gun advice reviews and feedback 2017 im on the look out for a new silicone gun, can anyone recommend something good? I've used the standard type for years but seen some about that I assume are better and require less force etc? Are you a DIYer? find a free diy advice websitehere...
  5. Dan

    Finishing silicone advice, reviews and feedback

    Finishing silicone advice reviews and feedback 2017 Thought I'd ask the pros :) Finally have some time to finish my bathroom. I was coing to silicone the internals and around the bath using mapei jasmine but have been advised that white on white... Finishing silicone Are you a DIYer? find a...
  6. M

    Gaps In Old Cus/fuseboxes Etc, Fire-retardant Silicone?

    This is fresh off the top of my head, but what do you guys think about having some fire-retardant silicone to seal gaps in old CUs to contain a potential fire within the CU (at least for longer)? A good idea, or just going to leave fingers pointing my way if there ever is a problem with it...

    more dangerous rubbish on Ebay

    Mains electrical neon tester screwdriver, insulation tape, + 2 conector strips | eBay
  8. O

    your preferred method for external sockets

    guys whats your preference when fitting external accessories (sockets particularly)? do you straight rear entry with cable and cake in silicone to prevent ingress do you fit the masterseal cable entry grommet are you a conduit man right through wall and into box sure there is a couple others...
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