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Last year before I went to my local ELEX at Exeter I was questioning whether to buy a super rods deluxe set.
I bought one not at the show but after and have to say that they are amazing - not only are they excellent to pull, run and fish cables but they are superb at retrieving lost tools!
1) A measuring tape 3 metres down a cavity wall - retrieved with 3 rods and the magnet!
2) A knife in the dark basement of a house - retrieved!
3) My Torch left in a ceiling, fished with the magnet from another vantage point - retrieved!

Now this either means that the CK super rod kits are excellent in every sense OR that I’m very clumsy with my tools! The jury is out!
ELEX on Friday - woop woop!
Day off!


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Yep,they are handy...even fishing cables through vehicles,without having to strip out trim,which is obviously made to go in just the once:rolleyes:

I've just added a few extra rods,to my collection,as my pal bought a Toyota van,and there were found (missing-presumed lost)....in the gap between the floor and bulkhead.

They are now in their translucent tubey home,swapping probing stories,with their new friends :cool:

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