NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Complaint? Waste of time.

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NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Complaint? Waste of time.

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The scams have supported the electrical industries race to the bottom for a number of years now aided and abetted by the training companies and examination bodies add to that the changes made to the Electrotechnical Assessment Specification last year that has done little to improve the situation the industry finds itself in

You have to wonder from what is seen on here what the real world figures are for poor workmanship with regard to installations, EICR's etc and how much goes unnoticed and unreported leaving installations in a potentially dangerous state
Got to remember it’s people like this that promoted the 3 week wonder domestic installer accreditation that allows this type of work to be carried out by qualified people ( with electrical trainee ) same as the CITB AND THE LEVY FOR APPRENTICES AND ALL OTHER ACCREDITED BODIES ITS ALL ABOUT SIGNATURES AND FEES , AND NOT FORGETTING THE LOBBYING FOR NEW REGS SO THAT THE COMPANIES THEY ARE ON CAN SELL NEW HARDWARE EG AFDD’s surge protection metal boards etc etc ( not saying these are not needed but defo not all essential to safety imo )
Looks like he didn't fill in max permitted Zs, and has then put the ring final details in the wrong columns.

I'm actually considering deleting the max permitted zs column from my paperwork, a pointless waste of time IMO, restating what BS7671 says. Number of points served, and type of wiring has already been shown the door.

There's nothing in the paperwork that concerns me, the values all look about right.

As @snowhead said, your complaint is with the developer, not the electrical contractor, unless you employed then directly. NHBC will refer you back to the Developer, to correct faults. Have you raised this on your snagging list?

All communication and reports (snagging and EICR) went to the builder.
One day was spent on remedial electrical work, then no further updates.
Electrics still clearly have issues e.g. intermittent lights.

After three months chasing without success I raised the complaint with the NICEIC.
@someconsumer what was the outcome of this in the end?
The NICEIC have finally agreed there are serious issues but will take no action.

None of the work has been put right and the electrician is free to trade without any repercussions.
This is because the electrician claims he didn't do all the work (some items missing from EIC) or 3rd parties interfered.

NB the NICEIC complaints process excludes missing certificates and they claim the Platinum Promise does not apply because the electrician is still trading.
Do you guys have the same assessor every year?

I had my assessment end of last year and when i had my email booking the date, it had someone who i had never heard of or had before.

I used to be with Elecsa and they were great but this guy was from NIC and was a totally unpleasant individual, even to the point of being the same in front of my customer on the site visit.
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