1. R


    I use FP600 SWA a lot and it's a bit of a bitch to make off, plus there is a fibrous fabric layer used in two places within the cable which, when cut (as one has to do to terminate) liberates into the atmosphere tiny fibreglass-style strands, which irritate like hell once they settle on skin...
  2. J

    Domestic cable ducting without pulling rope installed

    Hi, Just wandering what to use to get an armoured through a new duct which has been installed prior to me being on site without a pull rope. Longest run is about 30 meters with probably 2 bends and is about 3 inch diameter but is the flexible type with ridges. Will rods go that far and round...
  3. 1Justin

    pulling SWA through conduit.

    32mm plastic conduit. Intention is to run it 6M under concrete floor and use bend spring on ends to bring it vertical. Conduit will be cut off flush with FFL. Concerned about the bends, do you think I'll pull through a 6mm SWA after the event or would you install it before laying the floor?
  4. G

    Ducting / conduit in concrete floor

    Am quoting to wire kitchen in a very old farmhouse (high end, very 'beamy' with fragile walls ceilings etc) and am proposing to wire under the new concrete floor slab which is being laid. Having read previous posts on the subject, consensus seems to be to use good quality PVC conduit. Thinking...
  5. S

    [email protected] in conduit?

    Hi all, query, I need to run a cable (s) and I was thinking of running a piece of 1.5mm in a piece of 20mm conduit approx 2 meters before going into a stud wall. Just wondered what ideas are out there ???? Cheers
  6. C

    t & e in 20mm conduit

    hi all first time i have posted, great site and lots of info cheers putting in for my assesment shortly with elecsa doing a c/u change and putting sockets and lights into attached garage,my preffered method would of been to use 20mm conduit its a pretty big garage but they only want 2 double...
  7. C

    Conduit Capacity

    can anyone help me im sitting my 2330 level 3 in a few weeks and been going over some past papers and found a question on conduit capacity, which if i use all the factors etc, the length was 12 meters, the table in the onsite guide only goes up to 10 meters, what would i then need to do?
  8. L

    Conduit factors

    Good afternoon Gentlemen.I'm in the process of rewiring my garage so that I can join one of those fantastic schemes for my Part P.Question is this. looking at the OSG about conduit factors (Table 5D), it says about bends. Is this just bends in the actual conduit or does this include such things...
  9. yellowvanman

    1 run of conduit or 2?

    have an east west install - 2 strings - do I run the dc cables down to the garage in 2 runs of conduit (20mm) or stick them all into 1 run(25mm)?
  10. M

    Domestic Shower choice

    Hi Guys just a bit of advice please,can anyone recommend a decent shower, whats the difference between a 8.5kw shower and say a 10.5kw,would you get a better flow from the 10.5kw,or doesnt it work like that could someone please explain. Its going to be wired in 10mm cable with a rcbo...
  11. S

    Bending 90 in 20mm or25mm conduit

    Please can some one help me please haven't done steel conduit for a while. What's the best way to get a 90 bend at the right length 1st time???
  12. S

    new to trunking

    ive not long started commercial doing trunking bends etc any1 know any good guides or tips on making them
  13. Y

    Industrial Long cable run installation physical methods and timescales

    Hi, looking for a bit of advice with regards to calculating costs and timescales for installing large runs - 300 mtr+ of multi-core cabling. To get an idea, the weight of the cable drum would be in the region of 450kgs. The cable will be run over cable tray. What I am asking is to get an idea...
  14. E

    2 Inch PVC Conduits bending

    What is the Approved way to bend PVC Conduits of size 2 inch and more for any angle? lower than 2 Inch conduits can be bent with a spring.
  15. D

    trunking double sets

    hey i'm going round a few walls in 3" steel and have to set out and back in again a few places about 100mm or so what's the best way to do this with manufactured bends thanks and what do i need to link the trunking with(for continuity)thanks
  16. S

    Conduit runs

    Hi, I need a bit of help, I understand the cable factors and how they relate to table 5D in OSG, not sure though what constitutes a "run", is that between terminations at an accessory/junction or the complete conduit installation. The install I had planned would have 5 bends from c/u to last...
  17. P

    conduit bending

    hi does anyone have a method chart in pdf for conduit bending as the college are not good when it comes to handouts i need it to calculate the bends and sets thanks
  18. T

    trunking and tray

    How do you form steel trunking and tray to follow the contours of a circular room ,i.e in a circle. The trunking and tray will be suspended from the ceiling on a trapeze of unistrut good luck on answering this one,cheers:eek:
  19. R

    Tray and Trunking cutting

    Are there any guides online on tray and trunking cutting techniques, my lad is learning and i wondered if there are any guides on the net, google throws up nothing.
  20. T

    tray and conduit

    :) are there any sites out there showing how to fabricate cable tray/conduit as my nephew is keen to learn as he is starting college soon
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