1. Iain Stewart

    Can I bridge Neutral Busbars in a CU

    Hello, Old Merlin Gerin CU with one RCD in the middle. Can I bridge accross the Neutral Busbars in the CU to make all the circuits RCD protected. Thanks
  2. telectrix

    Bridge Megger.

    just acquired one just like this, but ain't got a scooby how much of it works except for the basic 500V IR test. any of the other older gen...
  3. UKMeterman

    The aftermath of a large SWA cable tied to a bridge snagged on a passenger train....

    An SWA feeding a signal box was cable tied to the cable tray on the side of a footbridge at a railway station. A train passing through the station snagged it and it went ping and recoiled down the platform.... Report 06/2018: Passengers struck by a flying cable at Abergavenny (Y Fenni) station...
  4. M

    Is it possible to connect 3 wire voltage regulator to bridge rectifier

    Hello All New to this forum so Hi to everyone. I just finished building a complicated device and I cannot seem to find much help elsewhere to complete the final stage. I had built a Hydrogen generator powered by 240 volt. The generator requires AC converted to DC for gas production so a bridge...
  5. A

    Anyone working on the new forth bridge?

    hey guys, just wondering if anyone is on the new forth bridge? just looking for some info about it, thanks
  6. M

    hello all

    hello all members . new here ! greetings to all
  7. M

    Electrician Small job Chelmsford data cat5e

    hi all, Need about 100 data points tested & certified, distance, quality, pass fail for job we are on. Printed or email over copy after. PM me if interested
  8. J

    Industrial Trying to convert 28VAC input to 120/240VAC or 9/36VDC....

    I have a query from a customer who is looking to buy a 5W product from me which runs on 120/240VAC or 9/36VDC. The problem is, they are in an isolated location where they only have a 28VAC power supply. I have looked around the web and cannot find any obvious solutions, does anyone know of any...
  9. T

    voltage optimizer

    Hi All, Been offered a job installing voltage optimizers in households in the New year,found the job on job centre website and was wondering if anybody knows if this some kind of Government scheme,has anybody else applied for this job and if its some kind of scam as they are asking for my bank...
  10. I

    interconections/bridges on ring circuits

    hi after a little advice re testing to find an interconnection or bridge on a ring circuit, Now a bridge is really a series of spurs that has eventually been reconnected to the ring.the resistance readings at these points (sockets) would be higher than at other points in the ring would this be...
  11. M

    Part P Assessment

    Hello Boys. I had my assessment with Elecsa and i'm pleased to say I passed! Just thought I'd let you know the questions "he" asked me, so they may help anyone else taking the test. 1 How do you tell it's a TNC-S system? 2 What's the max Ze permitted for a TNC-S system? 3 What's the max Ze...
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