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  1. buzzlightyear

    made in china

    with most shops like Tesco's running out of bog paper of the black death ,so I just popped in to the wholesalers and shouted to the guy ,considering they are running out of bog rolls you could cut those boxes up and put in to strips and when used on the bum will be made in china ..... :eek:
  2. T

    UK lighting for smart switch made in China!

    Hi, have just received a smart light switch ordered off Amazon UK which on receipt has been manufactured in china with wiring installation instructions that don't seem to relate to UK.. :-O I have a two gang one way fitting which seemed perfect for the switch as ordered - at the moment I have a...
  3. Zdb

    Fluke test probes premium TP175E leads.

    Anyone know if these will fit the Fluke T5-600/1000? I want to know if they will clip inside like the original probes do. Thanks Fluke TP175 Twist Guard Test Probes, 1000V Voltage,10A Current, 2mm Tip Diameter | eBay -
  4. G

    Anybody heard of PeakMeter branded testing kit?

    Has anybody heard of or used Peak meter testing kit? I have been offered a free socket tester with integrated rcd test function. Its in the post to me so only have the picture from online. I saw it online and emailed asking questions, for some reason the person in china was very helpful and...
  5. D

    Magnetic Contactor Over/Under Voltage

    What voltage should be used in the UK for a magnetic contactor? 240V, 230V or 220V I know over voltage and under voltage can lead to the coils being burnt out over time. From the wall I am drawing in around 235V but when being used it drops around 225V-230V. Is it still wise to buy the 240V...
  6. M

    Led strip supplier

    Hello I am looking at installing some LED strips in my own house and I have found a website that seems to do them for cheap. It's a Chinese website but looks quite decent. The ones I've installed before from electrical wholesalers has cost a lot of money over £200. I figured that even the ones...
  7. S

    Funry Smart Switch ST 2

    Hi Folks I've been asked to quote for installing a "Funry Smart Switch ST 2", which the customer bought from Amazon or Ebay (I forget which). Both he and I are a bit concerned about the product in terms of whether it is manufactured and tested to appropriate standards and is safe. It is CE...
  8. S

    GE RCBO's

    Where's best to buy these online? When I say best I of course mean cheapest! Ha! Some places were wanting over £50 for them!
  9. applemac

    exploding apple iPhone charger

    good reason to switch off chargers after use!
  10. S

    Contract opportunities abroad help wanted

    Hi all. new to this forum thing so will see how we go. I am 41 now and fed up with the uk work environment ,and need a change. i have a wide experience field in all aspects of electrical installation and specialise in pumping station installation and maintenance. what options are open for me to...
  11. Elmer BeFuddled

    Counterfeit Fuse

    Came across this video yesterday on the effect of passing a fault current through a plug top fitted with a counterfeit 13A BS1363 fuse... Counterfeit Fuse video by Elmer_BeFuddled - Photobucket
  12. M

    discussion: why impose an anti-dumping tax on China's solar products

    hi, everyone. this is mechiel, a working staff in a Chinese solar company. I am quite confused with european and american motive of imposing an anti-dumping campaign. Is that really helpful to this industry of theri own? For those who knows little about China, they keep distorting China's image...
  13. O

    A universal socket There you go on the BBC website apparently they are being used in China
  14. D

    chinese panels

    seven us modules makers , lead by solarworld germany which is the number one manufacturer in north america have had support this week from president obama re chinese price dumping of state owned & bank supported module manufacturers recently evergreen & solyndra went bust with the lose on 1000s...
  15. H

    During ‘The Twelfth Five-Year-Plan’, solar thermal production is expected to increase

    During "The Twelfth Five-Year-Plan", solar thermal production is expected to increase 20 percent than “The Eleventh Five-Year-Plan” in China. According to the China Securities Journal which reported on April 14, Luo Zhentao, director of China Association of Rural Energy Industry, China...
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