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  1. S

    Led tubes help

    Took down a 6 ft light fitting and replaced it with a 5ft LED twin fitting, I had to change the MCB from a 6a to a 10a MCB because the 6a keeps tripping off, Is there a big start up current on LED tubes?
  2. R

    Assessment help

    Hi i have got my assessement soon and im checking should i have PIR label on for a cu swap and what do you put put for next test 5 or 10 years (gn3 says 10) thanks
  3. N

    Domestic CCTV

    Hi, I've being asked to install a cctv system in a house.I've never done them before.Can someone tell me a good make, There will be 4 cameras, 1 at each corner.He also wants it linked to his intruder and be able to check it on his i-phone. The house is a bungalow so cabling will be handy...
  4. S

    Domestic 63amp rcd

    63 amp Rcd protecting 3 circuits 2 x 32 amp breakers and one 16 amp. Is it ok to add a 50 amp mcb for shower also. How do you calculate the maximum load on the Rcd ?
  5. S

    Protection by MCB or RCD/BO

    Am I correct with my interpretation of a/c protective device need not necessarily be RCD or RCBO depending upon install methods of cabling to inverter isolator and also dependant upon the inverter type. Protection by a type B MCB is ok. Sorry if this been mentioned before.Steve.
  6. steamboatwilly

    What Dimmer?

    Folks, Need to install a 1G2W dimmer switch for someone next week. They have 9 x 12v transformer lights on 20w and 50w halogens. So.....is this a 500W LV dimmer? Does it really need to be LV?
  7. J

    Pricing Apartments

    Could anyone give me any estimates into pricing a basic block of 3 storey 2 bedroom apartments.Thanks
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