1. KEV 1 N

    Got this off eBay...........................

    Seen this on eBay for a few quid! Had to buy it! Quite interesting in parts. On the lighting diagram, notice the main supply and final circuit neutrals are fused. I think the book is from 1947
  2. Loki

    Seen cheap Megger 1721 on ebay

    Hi everyone, Just seen a cheap Megger MFT 1721 on ebay with calibration until 6/7/19 if anyone is looking to get one? £450 & no its not me selling mine lol Megger MFT1721 Multifunction Tester/calibrated. | eBay -...
  3. T

    Bought a dud off ebay, first time for me, just a word to the wise.

    Bought a Van radio with satnav and dvd bluetooth etc. etc. Turns out the sat nav software was playing up so got on to the people who sell it (sat nav software, not the radio) and they checked my version and told me it is pirated software. I suppose I should know better at my age. But Erisin are...
  4. Zdb

    Fluke test probes premium TP175E leads.

    Anyone know if these will fit the Fluke T5-600/1000? I want to know if they will clip inside like the original probes do. Thanks Fluke TP175 Twist Guard Test Probes, 1000V Voltage,10A Current, 2mm Tip Diameter | eBay - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/271339025086
  5. Dan

    eBay Tools - Some deals and things

    Best Deals in DIY Tools on eBay - Shop and Discover from a wide range of DIY Tools products | eBay Deals - http://www.ebay.co.uk/rpp/deals/home-garden/diy-tools DeWalt laser line / level on offer. Some tool bags. Some drills and things.
  6. D

    Off the tools !!!

    HI Guys Im off the tools and in to design and management. I dont think my knees could take much more house bashing or my wife take another cut in the feed in tariff resulting in mad hours and destruction of loads of jobs. Im putting my old van stock on ebay just trying to shift it to people...
  7. Dan

    Amazon and eBay Search Boxes in the Sidebar - Support the forum for free!

    You'll see some search boxes in the sidebar for Amazon and eBay. If you search for your stuff via those, when you buy, the forum gets a small commission, the items don't cost you more than normal, and you support the forum while you shop. Win:win.
  8. DuaneMHunt1976

    Ebay Prices

    Looking for wood drill bits BOSCH 13 Pce 10mm - 32mm Wood Self Cut Flat/Spade Speed Drill Bit Set,2608587010 | eBay liked the Bosch ones last time and want to replace the ones that GOT LOST on the last job :'( and then i find these bits for £999 and £932.95 so figured put the point in the...
  9. B

    20% of at ebay expires at 10pm today Thursday 31/03/16

    CUK20 is live until 10pm today on Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons and More | eBay. Get 20% off everything in your basket when you spend £20 or more. Maximum coupon value £50. Coupon code: CUK20 Coupon is for UK registered PayPal users only. One use only. Excludes P&P. T&Cs...
  10. T

    Help With Ebay Police Siren Wiring

    Picked up an eBay police siren to replace my stock horn. It has 5 different tones but I only wanted the air horn sound so I glued that button down and hid the controller. I cut the stock horn wires and plugged them straight into the siren so when I hit the horn it powers the siren and since the...
  11. DuaneMHunt1976

    EBay Logic

    I still had links to other DCD795N drills when i brought mine, were i paid £59 (Postage included) and someone is selling it for £64 with vat (postage included) But the Auction £64 with £8 Postage cost. Total costs £72, well costing them £8 more than the buy now. ------------- I once sold a...
  12. The Cavalry

    ebay ad!

    Has anybody else seen the ebay ad for a pram! The Q & A bit is fantastic and well worth a read if you want a laugh. Phil and teds green explorer double | eBay
  13. M

    For Sale: loads of stuff on Ebay inc: Megger 1552 tester etc

    Hi Lads, I'm having a clear out as missus wants the space, and selling off a Megger 1552 plus other testing equipment, parts and tools on Ebay, Link below plus see my other items: megger 1552 | eBay Based in Preston, items are collect in person only. Cheers Mark
  14. G

    ebay LED floodlight AC on DC?

    Hi there, Ive just purchsed this light mistakenly: 10W/20W LED Floodlights Classic PIR RGB Garden SMD Waterproof flood light Sensor | eBay as its already been sent out I cant really cancel. It says on the page that they are suitable for 12VAC applications but I'm trying to run them from a DC...
  15. T

    ebay van trouble

    Hi guys, Sold my old van on ebay the other day. £600 buy it now. Listed every known fault I could think of, said the usual stuff like no tyre kickers, haggling etc, price is final. Some guy bought it and turned up with his mate to collect on friday, from the word go he was checking everything...
  16. Murdoch

    Ebay - cheeky seller!

    So I ordered something off a new vendor yesterday (not work related) and have just received an update to confirm shipment - all good you think.... but the email contains the following: "please remember to leave positive feedback and 5 stars." Cheeky bxggers, nobody tells me how many stars to...

    just seen this on ebay

    what the hell: daihatsu midget 11 advertising van ad van "rare" | eBay
  18. J


    Anyone know whether these panels would get msc for feed in tariff?

    more dangerous rubbish on Ebay

    Mains electrical neon tester screwdriver, insulation tape, + 2 conector strips | eBay
  20. T

    ebay bargains

    Just bagged myself a roofrack for my astra van for 99p as I was the only bidder . Proper vauxhall one too. Anyone else had some work related bargains?

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